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Edition number - 23
Date - April 22, 1978
Official name - Concours Eurovision de la Chanson 1978
Host broadcaster - TF1, France
Host city - Paris
Venue - Palais des Congrès
Hosts - Léon Zitrone / Denise Fabre
Director - Bernard Lion
Producer - Bernard Lion assisted by Nicole Patin
Stage designer - Francis Robin
Executive producer - Michel Collignon
Musical director - François Rauber
Orchestra - freelance orchestra
Interval act - "My Heart Stood Still" Stéphane Grappelli (violin) & Oscar Peterson (piano) feat. Yehudi Menuhin (violin) / Kenny Clarke (drums) / Nils-Henning Ørsted Pedersen (bass)
Scrutineer - Frank Naef
Number of entries - 20
Winning entry - 'Abanibi' Izhar Cohen & The Alpha Beta (Israel)
Winning songwriters - Ehud Manor / Nurit Hirsh
Winning orchestrator - Nurit Hirsh
Winning conductor - Nurit Hirsh

Note - Greece's broadcaster ERT originally picked the title 'Na xeris s'agapo (Oh Maria)', to be performed by Anna Vissi as its entrant for Paris. Allegedly, a row broke out between its songwriter, Robert Williams, and the composer of another song for Anna Vissi, Doros Georgiadis, who claimed Williams did not have the right to represent Greece given that he did not have a Greek passport. Due to all this, the ERT decided to pick another song, 'Charlie Chaplin' by Sakis Tsikilis. Anna Vissi recorded 'Na xeris s'agapo (Oh Maria)' later in 1978 as the B-side of the single 'O cyrios Nobel', which was the song suggested by Georgiadis; strikingly, though, on the record sleeve, the song is given as having been composed by Georgiadis himself rather than Williams. 'Na xeris s'agapo (Oh Maria)' is given at the bottom of the results' list below as a withdrawn entry.

Charis Andreadis making his debut as a conductor in the Eurovision Song Contest, leading the orchestra in Paris for Tania Tsanaclidou


1st place (157 votes)

Song title – "Abanibi"
Rendition – Izhar Cohen & The Alpha Beta (Reuven Eretz / Lisa Gold-Rubin / Yitzhak Okev / Nehama Shutan / Ester Tzuberi)
Lyrics – Ehud Manor
Composition – Nurit Hirsh
Studio arrangement – Nurit Hirsh
Live orchestration – Nurit Hirsh
Conductor – Nurit Hirsh

2nd place (125 votes)

Song title – “L’amour ça fait chanter la vie”
Rendition – Jean Vallée (Paul Goeders)
Lyrics – Jean Vallée
Composition – Jean Vallée
Studio arrangement – Jean Musy
Live orchestration – Jean Musy
Conductor – Jean Musy

3rd place (119 votes)

Song title – "Il y aura toujours des violons"
Rendition – Joël Prévost 
Lyrics – Didier Barbelivien
Composition – Gérard Stern
Studio arrangement – Alain Goraguer
(studio orchestra conducted by Alain Goraguer)
Live orchestration – Alain Goraguer
Conductor – Alain Goraguer

4th place (107 votes)

Song title – “Les jardins de Monaco”
Rendition – Caline & Olivier Toussaint
Lyrics – Jean Albertini / Didier Barbelivien
Composition – Paul De Senneville / Olivier Toussaint
Studio arrangement – Yvon Rioland
Live orchestration – Yvon Rioland
Conductor – Yvon Rioland

5th place (86 votes)

Song title – “Born To Sing”
Rendition – Colm C.T. Wilkinson
Lyrics – Colm C.T. Wilkinson
Composition – Colm C.T. Wilkinson
Studio arrangement – Daryl Runswick
Live orchestration – unknown
Conductor – Noel Kelehan

6th place (84 votes)

Song title – "Feuer"
Rendition – Ireen Sheer
Lyrics – John Möring
Composition – Jean Frankfurter
Studio arrangement – Jean Frankfurter
Live orchestration – Jean Frankfurter
Conductor – Jean Frankfurter

7th place (73 votes)

Song title – "Parlez-vous français?"
Rendition – Baccara (Mayté Mateos / María Mendiola)
Lyrics – Frank Dostal / Peter Zentner
Composition – Rolf Soja
Studio arrangement – Rolf Soja
Live orchestration – Rolf Soja
Conductor – Rolf Soja

8th place (66 votes)

Song title – "Charlie Chaplin"
Rendition – Tania Tsanaclidou
Lyrics – Giannis Xantoulis
Composition – Sakis Tsilikis
Studio arrangement – Charis Andreadis
Live orchestration – Charis Andreadis
Conductor – Charis Andreadis

9th & 10th place (ex aequo, 65 votes)

Song title – "Bailemos un vals"
Rendition – José Vélez
Lyrics – Ramón Arcusa / Manuel de la Calva
Composition – Ramón Arcusa / Manuel de la Calva
Studio arrangement – Ramón Arcusa
Live orchestration – Ramón Arcusa
Conductor – Ramón Arcusa

Song title – "Vivre"
Rendition – Carole Vinci
Lyrics – Pierre Alain
Composition – Alain Morisod
Studio arrangement – Daniel Janin
Live orchestration – Daniel Janin
Conductor – Daniel Janin

11th place (61 votes)

Song title – "The Bad Old Days"
Rendition – Co Co (= Josie Andrews / Cheryl Baker / Terry Bradford / Charlie Brennan / Keith Haslar / Paul Rogers)
Lyrics – Stuart Slater / Stephanie De Sykes
Composition – Stuart Slater / Stephanie De Sykes
Studio arrangement – Terry Bradford / Colin Frechter
Live orchestration – Colin Frechter
Conductor – Alyn Ainsworth

12th place (53 votes)

Song title – "Questo amore"
Rendition – Ricchi & Poveri 
Lyrics – Sergio Bardotti
Composition – Dario Farina / Mauro Lusini
Studio arrangement – Toto Torquati
Live orchestration – Toto Torquati
Conductor – Nicola Samale

13th place (37 votes)

Song title – "’t Is OK"
Rendition – Harmony (Rosina Lauwaars / Donald Lieveld / 
Ab van Woudenberg)
Lyrics – Toon Gispen / Dick Kooyman 
Composition – Eddy Ouwens
Studio arrangement – Dick Bakker
Live orchestration – Dick Bakker
Conductor – Harry van Hoof

14th place (26 votes)

Song title – “Det blir alltid värre framåt natten”
Rendition – Björn Skifs
Lyrics – Peter Himmelstrand
Composition – Peter Himmelstrand
Studio arrangement – Peter Himmelstrand / Bengt Palmers
Live orchestration – Peter Himmelstrand / Bengt Palmers
Conductor – Bengt Palmers

15th place (14 votes)

Song title – “Mrs. Caroline Robinson”
Rendition – Springtime (Gerhard Markel / Walter Markel / Norbert Niedermayer)
Lyrics – Gerhard Markel / Walter Markel / Norbert Niedermayer
Composition – Gerhard Markel / Walter Markel
Studio arrangement – Richard Oesterreicher
Live orchestration – Richard Oesterreicher
Conductor – Richard Oesterreicher

16th place (13 votes)

Song title – “Boom boom”
Rendition – Mabel (Chris O. Have / Andy Larsen / Peter Nielsen / Mike Tramp)
Lyrics – Mabel (Christian Have / Andy Kulmbak / Peter Nielsen / Michael Trempenau)
Composition – Mabel (Christian Have / Andy Kulmbak / Peter Nielsen / Michael Trempenau)
Studio arrangement – Helmer Olesen
Live orchestration – Helmer Olesen
Conductor – Helmer Olesen

17th place (5 votes)

Song title – Dai-li-dou
Rendition – Gemini (Tozé Brito / Teresa Miguel / Fatima Padinha / Mike Sergeant)
Lyrics – Carlos Quintas
Conductor – Vitor Mamede
Studio arrangement – Thilo Krasmann / Guy Matteoni
Live orchestration – Thilo Krasmann
Conductor – Thilo Krasmann

18th & 19th place (ex aequo, 2 votes)

Song title – “Anna rakkaudelle tilaisuus”
Rendition – Seija Simola
Lyrics – Reijo Karvonen / Seija Simola
Composition – Reijo Karvonen
Studio arrangement – Reijo Karvonen
Live orchestration – Reijo Karvonen
Conductor – Ossi Runne

Song title – “Sevinçe”
Rendition – Nazar (Dağhan Baydur / Olcayto Ahmet Tuğsuz / Zeynep Tuğsuz / Nilüfer Yumlu)
Lyrics – Hülki Aktunç
Composition – Dağhan Baydur / Onno Tunç
Studio arrangement – Onno Tunç
Live orchestration – Onno Tunç
Conductor – Onno Tunç

20th place (0 votes)

Song title – "Mil etter mil"
Rendition – Jahn Teigen
Lyrics – Kai Eide
Composition – David Cooper / Kai Eide
Studio arrangement – Tore Syvertsen / Jahn Teigen / Pete Knutsen
Live orchestration – Carsten Klouman
Conductor – Carsten Klouman

Withdrawn entry

Song title – “Na xeris s'agapo (Oh Maria)”
Rendition – Anna Vissi
Lyrics – Sotia Tsotou
Composition – Robert Williams / Doros Georgiadis
Studio arrangement – Doros Georgiadis
Live orchestration – Doros Georgiadis
Conductor – unknown (possibly Lefteris Chalkiadakis)

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