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Edition number - 21
Date - April 3, 1976
Official name - Eurovisie Songfestival 1976
Host broadcaster - NOS, Netherlands
Host city - The Hague
Venue - Congresgebouw
Host - Corry Brokken assisted by Hans van Willigenburg
Director - Theo Ordeman assisted by Noortje Kandt
Producer - Fred Oster assisted by Noortje Kandt
Stage designer - Roland de Groot assisted by Johan Verhoog
Executive producer - Warry van Kampen
Musical director - Jan Stulen
Orchestra - Metropole Orkest
Concertmaster - Ernő Oláh
Opening sequence & outro original music - Bert Paige (arr. Bert Paige)
Interval act - Dutch Swing College Band led by Peter Schilperoort
Scrutineer - Clifford Brown
Number of entries - 18
Winning entry - 'Save Your Kisses For Me' Brotherhood Of Man (United Kingdom)
Winning songwriters - Tony Hiller / Lee Sheriden / Martin Lee
Winning orchestrator - Colin Frechter
Winning conductor - Alyn Ainsworth

Note 1 - Malta chose an entry for the contest in The Hague, but withdrew for reasons which have remained unclear. This Maltese song is given at the bottom of the results' list below as a withdrawn entry.

Note 2 - The pre-selection for the contest in West Germany was won by 'Der Star', a composition by Detlef Petersen interpreted by Tony Marshall. After it had turned out the song had already been recorded by another singer, Nizza Thobi, in an arrangement by Horst Lubitz, in 1973 - with this version never being released, but allegedly performed in several discotheques -, it was disqualified and replaced by the runner-up of the national final, 'Sing, Sang, Song'. 'Der Star' is given at the bottom of the results' list below as a withdrawn entry. 

Rehearsals in The Hague, with Harry van Hoof on the conductor's platform to lead the Metropole Orchestra for Sandra Reemer's performance


1st place (164 votes)

Song title – "Save Your Kisses For Me"
Rendition – Brotherhood Of Man (= Martin Lee / Lee Sheriden / Nicky Stevens / Sandra Stevens)
Lyrics – Tony Hiller / Martin Lee / Lee Sheriden
Composition – Tony Hiller / Martin Lee / Lee Sheriden
Studio arrangement – Colin Frechter / Lee Sheriden
Live orchestration – Colin Frechter
Conductor – Alyn Ainsworth

2nd place (147 votes)

Song title – “Un, deux, trois”
Rendition – Cathérine Ferry
Lyrics – Jean-Paul Cara
Composition – Jean-Paul Cara / Tony Rallo
Studio arrangement – Tony Rallo
(studio orchestra conducted by Tony Rallo)
Live orchestration – Tony Rallo
Conductor – Tony Rallo

3rd place (93 votes)

Song title – "Toi, la musique et moi"
Rendition – Marie Cristy 
Lyrics – André Barse / Gilbert Sinoué
Composition – Georges Costa
Studio arrangement – Raymond Donnez
Live orchestration – Raymond Donnez
Conductor – Raymond Donnez

4th place (91 votes)

Song title – “Djambo, Djambo”
Rendition – Peter, Sue & Marc 
(Peter Reber / Susan Schell / Marc Dietrich)
Lyrics – Peter Reber
Composition – Peter Reber
Studio arrangement – Peter Reber / Rolf Zuckowski
Live orchestration – Peter Reber / Rolf Zuckowski
Conductor – Mario Robbiani

5th place (80 votes)

Song title – “My Little World”
Rendition – Waterloo & Robinson 
(Hans Kreuzmayr / Sep Krassnitzer)
Lyrics – Gerard Heinz
Composition – Gerhard Heinz
Studio arrangement – Christian Kolonovits
Live orchestration – Richard Oesterreicher
Conductor – Erich Kleinschuster

6th place (77 votes)

Song title – "Emor shalom"
Rendition – Chocolata, Menta, Mastik 
(Yardena Arazi / Ruti Holzman / Lea Lupatin)
Lyrics – Ehud Manor
Composition – Matti Caspi
Studio arrangement – Matti Caspi
Live orchestration – Matti Caspi
Conductor – Matti Caspi

7th place (69 votes)

Song title – "We’ll live it all again / Noi lo rivivremo di nuovo"
Rendition – Romina & Al Bano 
Lyrics – Albano Carrisi / Romina Power
Composition – Detto Mariano
Studio arrangement – Maurizio Fabrizio
Live orchestration – Maurizio Fabrizio
Conductor – Maurizio Fabrizio

8th place (68 votes)

Song title – "Judie et cie."
Rendition – Pierre Rapsat 
Lyrics – Eric Van Hulse
Composition – Pierre Rapsat
Studio arrangement – Jean-Pierre Orfino / Michel Bernholc
Live orchestration – Michel Bernholc
Conductor – Michel Bernholc

9th place (56 votes)

Song title – "The Party Is Over"
Rendition – Sandra Reemer 
Lyrics – Hans van Hemert
Composition – Hans van Hemert
Studio arrangement – Harry van Hoof
Live orchestration – Harry van Hoof
Conductor – Harry van Hoof

10th place (54 votes)

Song title – “When”
Rendition – Red Vincent Hurley
Lyrics – Brendan J. Graham
Composition – Brendan J. Graham
Studio arrangement – Liam Hurley / John Fiddy
Live orchestration – Liam Hurley / John Fiddy
Conductor – Noel Kelehan

11th place (44 votes)

Song title – “Pump-Pump”
Rendition – Fredi & The Friends / Ystävät 
(= Matti Siitonen feat. Antti Hyvärinen / Titta Jokinen / Anneli Koivisto / Aimo Lehto / Irma Tapio)
Finnish lyrics – Veikko 'Vexi' Salmi
English lyrics – Pertti Reponen
Composition – Matti Siitonen
Studio arrangement – Antti Hyvärinen
Live orchestration – Antti Hyvärinen
Conductor – Ossi Runne

12th place (24 votes)

Song title – "Uma flor de verde pinho"
Rendition – Carlos do Carmo
Lyrics – Manuel Alégre
Composition – José Niza
Studio arrangement – Thilo Krasmann
(studio orchestra conducted by Thilo Krasmann)
Live orchestration – Thilo Krasmann
Conductor – Thilo Krasmann

13th place (20 votes)

Song title – “Panaghia mou, panaghia mou”
Rendition – Mariza Koch feat. Dimitris Zouboulis
Lyrics – Michael Fotiades
Composition – Mariza Koch
Studio arrangement – Michael Rozakis
Live orchestration – Michael Rozakis
Conductor – Michael Rozakis

14th place (17 votes)

Song title – "Chansons pour ceux qui s'aiment"
Rendition – Jürgen Marcus
Lyrics – Fred Jay / Vline Buggy
Composition – Jack White
Studio arrangement – Jo Plée
Live orchestration – Jo Plée
Conductor – Jo Plée

15th place (12 votes)

Song title – "Sing, Sang, Song"
Rendition – Les Humphries Singers (Judy Archer / Jimmy Bilsbury / Jürgen Drews / Peggy Evers / John Lawton / David O’Brien)
German lyrics – Kurt Hertha
English lyrics – Jimmy Bilsbury / Les Humphries
Composition – Ralph Siegel
Studio arrangement – Norbert Daum
Live orchestration – Norbert Daum
Conductor – Les Humphries

16th place (11 votes)

Song title – "Sobran las palabras"
Rendition – Braulio
Lyrics – Braulio Antonio García Bautista
Composition – Braulio Antonio García Bautista
Studio arrangement – Joan Barcons
Live orchestration – Joan Barcons
Conductor – Joan Barcons

17th place (10 votes)

Song title – "Ne mogu skriti svoju bol"
Rendition – Ambasadori 
(= Ismeta Krvavac / Slobodan Vujović / Andrej Stefanović / Krešimir Vlašić / Miroslav Šaranović / Enes Bajramović)
Lyrics – Slobodan Đurašović
Composition – Slobodan Vujović
Studio arrangement – Slobodan Vujović
(Revijski Orkestar RTV Sarajevo conducted by Esad Arnautalić)
Live orchestration – Slobodan Vujović
Conductor – Esad Arnautalić

18th place (7 votes)

Song title – "Mata Hari"
Rendition – Anne Karine Strøm
Lyrics – Philip A. Kruse
Composition – Frode Thingnæs
Studio arrangement – Pete Knutsen
Live orchestration – Pete Knutsen
Conductor – Frode Thingnæs

Withdrawn entries

Song title – "Sing Your Song, Country Boy"
Rendition – Enzo Gusman
Lyrics – Alfred C. Sant
Composition – Ray Agius
Studio arrangement – Olly Blackett
Live orchestration – Olly Blackett
Conductor – none / Malta withdrew

Song title – “Der Star”
Rendition – Tony Marshall
Lyrics – Detlef Petersen
Composition – Detlef Petersen
Studio arrangement – Jo Plée
Live orchestration – Jo Plée
Conductor – Jo Plée

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