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Born: September 29th, 1946, Faiyum (Egypt)
Died: January 24th, 2009, Athens (Greece)
Nationality: Greek

In due course, the short impression below will be replaced with a more extensive career overview


Michael ‘Mike’ Rozakis (Μıχάλης 'Μάικ' Ροζάκης) grew up in Egypt and Switzerland. He moved to Athens in the early 1960s and became the singer and bass-player of various pop groups, including The Charms. Later onwards, he had a solo career as a singer, releasing two LP’s. In 1973, he composed the music to director’s Omiros Efstratiadis psychedelic cult film She Knew No Other Way. In the 1970s, Rozakis won fame as an excellent orchestrator; in the meantime, he studied at the National Conservatoire in Athens, graduating with a diploma in fugue (1977). For four years, he was the Head of Music Entertainment at ERT, Greece’s national broadcasting service. From 1987 until his death, Rozakis worked at the National Conservatory in various capacities, including music theory teacher.


Michael Rozakis conducted three Greek Eurovision Song Contest entries: ‘Panaghia mou, panaghia mou’ by Mariza Koch in 1976, ‘Horis skopo’ by Christos Callow in 1990, and ‘Emis forame to chimona anixiatika’ by Marianna Efstratiou in 1996. In 1981 and 1983, he was involved in the contest as the conductor of the Cypriot entries ‘Monika’ and ‘I agapi akoma zi’. All of these songs were arranged by Rozakis himself, with the exception of ‘Monika’.


1976 The Hague
Country – Greece
Song title – “Panaghia mou, panaghia mou”
Rendition – Mariza Koch feat. Dimitris Zouboulis
Lyrics – Michael Fotiades
Composition – Mariza Koch
Studio arrangement – Michael Rozakis
Live orchestration – Michael Rozakis
Conductor – Michael Rozakis
Score – 13th place (20 votes)

1981 Dublin
Country – Cyprus
Song title – “Monica”
Rendition – Island (Doros Georgiádis / Areti Cassapi / Roger Lee / Aristos Moschovakis / Alexia Vasiliou) feat. Philippos Tsemperoulis
Lyrics – Stavros Sideras
Composition – Doros Georgiadis
Studio arrangement – Doros Georgiadis
(studio orchestra conducted by Doros Georgiadis)
Live orchestration – Doros Georgiadis
Conductor – Michael Rozakis
Score – 6th place (69 votes)

1983 Munich
Country – Cyprus
Song title – “I agapi akoma zi”
Rendition – Stavros Sideras & Constantina Constantinou
Lyrics – Stavros Sideras
Composition – Stavros Sideras
Studio arrangement – Michael Rozakis
(studio orchestra conducted by Michael Rozakis)
Live orchestration – Michael Rozakis
Conductor – Michael Rozakis
Score – 16th place (26 votes)

1990 Zagreb
Country – Greece
Song title – “Choris scopo”
Rendition – Christos Callow
Lyrics – George Papagiannakis
Composition – George Paleocastritis
Studio arrangement – George Paleocastritis
Live orchestration – Michael Rozakis
Conductor – Michael Rozakis
Score – 19th place (11 votes)

1996 Oslo
Country – Greece
Song title – “Emis forame to chimona anixiatica”
Rendition – Marianna Efstratiou
Lyrics – Iro Trigoni
Composition – Costas Bigalis
Studio arrangement – Costas Bigalis
Live orchestration – Michael Rozakis
Conductor – Michael Rozakis
Score – 14th place (36 votes)

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