Friday 20 August 1976


Edition number - 4
Date - August 17-20, 1976
Location - Inverness, Scotland (United Kingdom)
Orchestra - BBC Scottish Radio Orchestra
Musical director - Iain Sutherland
Number of participating countries - 8
Jury - Gé Goudswaard (Netherlands); and others
Overall winning entry / best production - Denmark / Peer Møller
Award best soloist - Niels Henning Ørsted Pedersen (Denmark)

The Swedish representatives in Inverness wearing a T-shirt especially made for the occasion by Swedish Radio, from left: Olle Thunberg, Svante Thuresson, and Marianne Kock; with them, wearing sunglasses, is conductor Lars Samuelson


Programme - “Latin-American Music is Alive and Back in Business”
Introduction - Paul Codde
Rendition - Anni Anderson / Maurice Dean / Neppy Noya / Jean ‘Toots’ Thielemans
Conductor - Francis Bay
Script - Ward Bogaert
Production - Ward Bogaert

Programme - “The Music Goes Round”
Vocals - Marianne Sørensen / Thomas Tange Jessen
Piano - Ole Kock Hansen
Drums - Alex Riel
Bass - Niels Henning Ørsted Pedersen
Arrangement - Ole Kock Hansen
Conductor - unknown
Production - Peer Møller

Programme - “Merikanto and Other Finnish Specialities”
Introduction - Mauri Antero Numminen
Rendition - Maija a Lokka / Karoly Garam / Jukka Gustavson / Jahani Aaltonen
Conductor - Esko Linnavalli
Production - Erkki Lehtola

Programme - “The Power of Music”
Vocals - Letty de Jong / Edwin Rutten
Guitar - Jan Mol
Accordion - Harry Mooten 
Tenor saxophone - Ruud Brink
Arrangement - Jerry van Rooyen
Conductor - Jerry van Rooyen
Production - Joop de Roo

Programme - “Peter the Giant”
Rendition - Per Müller / Ellen Nikolaysen / Laila Dalseth
Arranger - Sigurd Jansen
Conductor - Sigurd Jansen 
Script - Eva Schram / Terje Hoel
Production - Rolf Kirkvaag

Programme - “The Noble Art of Slicing Carrots”
Rendition - Marianne Kock / Svante Thuresson / Olle Thunberg
Composition - Lars Hamberg / Rune Hallberg
Arranger - Lars Samuelson
Conductor - Lars Samuelson
Production - Lars Hamberg / Rune Hallberg

Programme - “The Best of British”
Rendition - John Lawrenson / George McIlwham (flute) / Marilyn Hill Smith / Jim Smilie
Composition - Bill Simpson
Arrangement - Robert Docker
Conductor - Iain Sutherland
Production - Frances Line

Programme - “A Musical Nordring Journey”
Rendition - Gitte Hænning / Gottfried Bottger / Herb Geller / Lonzo Wolfgang Schlüter
Arrangement - Karl Heinz Loges
Conductor - Karl Heinz Loges
Production - Tim Bontjes van Beek / Helga Boddin

Having fallen gravely ill (an illness from which he recovered), Dolf van der Linden had to cede his place on the conductor's platform at the Nordring Festival in Inverness to his star arranger Jerry van Rooyen (left)