Friday 11 September 1981


Edition number - 9
Date - September 7-11, 1981
Location - Gloucester Hall, St Helier, Jersey (United Kingdom)
Host - Len Jackson
Orchestra - BBC Radio Orchestra
Musical director - Robert Farnon
Number of participating countries - 9
Jury president - Kevin Roche (Ireland)
Jury - Elias Gistelinck (Belgium) / Bruce Steele (Canada) / Erkki Melakoski (Finland) / Michael Casey (Ireland) / Han Reiziger (Netherlands) / Helge Lindeman (Norway) / Stig Olin (Sweden) / Bill Bebb (UK) / Tim Bontjes van Beek (West Germany)
Overall winning entry / best production - Netherlands / Rob Pronk & Piet Hein van de Poel 
Award best solo instrumentalist - Ferdinand Povel (Netherlands)
Award best arrangement - Eero Koivistoinen (Finland)
Interval act - Gala Concert feat. Vince Hill & Acker Bilk, conducted by Robert Farnon

The winning team from the Netherlands Nordring 1981 on Jersey Island, from left to right: Ferdinand Povel, Piet Hein van de Poel, Eef Albers, Dolf van der Linden, Rob Pronk, Gé Titulaer, Norma Winstone, Lee Gibson, and Jerry Rix. For the Dutch entry 'Ages', arranger Rob Pronk took a selection of nearly forty songs and arranged them into a suite consisting of four parts, each representing a stage of the circle of life


Programme - “Just Listen….and Relax”
Subtitle - "An Invitation to Sit Back and Enjoy a Concert of Belgian Light Music in Modern Style" 
Vocals - Claude Lombard / Freddy Sunder / Marc Mercini / Sadi Lallemand 
Guitar - Freddy Sunder
Trombone - Marc Mercini
Vibraphone - Sadi Lallemand / Bob Porter
Flute & keyboards - Bob Porter 
Tenor saxophone, violin - Vic Ingeveldt
Arrangement - Willy Albimoor
Conductor - Etienne Verschueren
Production - Yvonne Verelst

Programme - “Northwest Passage”
Subtitle - "A Sequence of Traditional and Contemporary Canadian Folk Tunes, Designed to Impart a Feeling of Canada Through Its Music and People"
Vocals - Kate & Anna McGarrigle / Chaim Tennenbaum / Stan Rogers
Guitar - Chaim Tennenbaum
Bass - Pat Donaldson
Violin - Graham Townsend
Arrangement - Don Stephens
Conductor - Don Stephens
Production - Bill Garrett

Programme - “Ultima Thule”
Subtitle - "A Composition for Jazz Quintet and Orchestra Inspired by the Nature, Culture and History of Lapland, and Depicting Life in This Region During the Different Seasons" 
Saxophones - Eero Koivistoinen
Flugelhorn, trumpet - Markku Johansson
Piano - Vladimir Shafranov
Bass - Pekka Sarmanto
Drums - Esko Rosnell
Composition - Eero Koivistoinen
Arrangement - Eero Koivistoinen
Conductor - Esko Linnavalli
Production - Erkki Lehtola

Programme - “Dubliners”
Subtitle - "A Concert of Melody and Song Inspired by Composers and Writers Who Were Dubliners by Birth or Adoption, and Reflecting the Influence of the City on Themselves and on Music"
Vocals - Austin Gaffney / Joan Merrigan
Arrangement - John Tate / James Bolger / Noel Kelehan
Production - Johnny Devlin

Programme - “Ages”
Subtitle - "Stages in Life – Each With Its Own Sorrows and Joys – Each With Its Own Songs, Most of Them About Love, Different Kinds of Love"
Vocals - Lee Gibson / Norma Winstone / Jerry Rix / Gé Titulaer
Guitar - Eef Albers
Tenor saxophone, flute - Ferdinand Povel
Arrangement - Rob Pronk
Production - Rob Pronk / Piet Hein van de Poel

Programme - “How to Play Music and Operate An Orchestra without Harming Anybody but The Ones Listening”
Subtitle - "The Influence of Composers, Arrangers, Conductors, and Artists on Music When Things Aren’t What They Ought to Be – or Vice Versa!" 
Vocals - Ellen Nikolaysen / Wenche Hallan / Jahn Teigen
Arrangement - Sigurd Jansen
Conductor - Sigurd Jansen
Production - Sigurd Jansen

Programme - “Sweets from Sweden”
Subtitle - "A Presentation of Swedish Light Music With Jazz Undertones, Composed by One of Sweden’s Grand Old Men of Show-biz"
Vocals - Sylvia Vrethammar
Clarinet - Putte Wickman
Trumpet - Jan Allan
Piano - Thore Swanerud
Lyrics - Claude Stephenson
Composition - Thore Swanerud
Arrangement - Georg Riedel
Conductor - Gustaf Sjökvist
Production - Rune Hallberg / Lars Hamberg

Programme - “We Loved You Madly”
Subtitle - "A Celebration of the Music of Duke Ellington"
Presenter - Len Jackson
Vocals - Madeline Bell / Danny Street / Marilyn Hill-Smith
Script - Peter Clayton
Arrangement - Steve Gray
Conductor - Barry Forgie
Production - Lawrie Monk

Programme - “Marchtime - The Music, Of Course”
Subtitle - "The Germans Have a Reputation as Lovers of Marching Music – but They Don’t Always Approach Their Subject Too Seriously!"
Presenter, piano - Paul Kuhn
Saxophones, clarinet, flute - Heinz von Hermann
Tuba - Ronald Pisarkiewicz
Arrangement - Hardy Schneiders
Conductor - Hardy Schneiders
Production - Helga Boddin

Musical director for West Germany's Nordring team in 1979, 1981, and 1982 was Hardy Schneiders, who also conducted Switzerland's Eurovision entry in 1971

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