Saturday 18 May 1996


Born: March 7th, 1945, Lier (Belgium)
Died: August 20th, 2013, Lier (Belgium)
Nationality: Belgian

In due course, the short impression below will be replaced with a more extensive career overview


For many years, Bob Porter was a member of Etienne Verschueren’s BRT Jazz Orchestra, the radio orchestra of the Flemish public broadcaster. A genuine multi-instrumentalist, he alternatively played the flute, piano, Rhodes piano, synthesizer, and vibraphone in this orchestra, as well as penning many arrangements. Sometimes, he played in the BRT Big Band (the TV orchestra) as a pianist as well. In 1987, when Verschueren was forced to lay down his conductor’s baton due to health problems, Porter was chosen as his successor. He led the Jazz Orchestra until it was disbanded by the broadcaster in 1991 (along with Freddy Sunder’s BRT Big Band). 

Bob Porter was a member of the Belgian team which participated in the 1981 Nordring Festival. From the 1990s onwards, Porter has worked as a freelance arranger, writing for Flemish artists such as Günther Neefs and Bart Peeters.


In 1996, the BRT commissioned Bob Porter to form an orchestra with which the finalists of De Gouden Zeemeermin, the Belgian pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, could be accompanied. Porter conducted all songs in this final, won by Lisa Del Bo and her staunchly up-tempo effort ‘Liefde is een kaartspel’ (composed by John Terra and arranged by Giuseppe Marchese). In the international final in Oslo, the orchestra was placed under the direction of Bob Porter for this Belgian entry.


Country – Belgium
Song title – “Liefde is een kaartspel”
Rendition – Lisa Del Bo
Lyrics – Siirak Brogden / Daniël Ditmar
Composition – John Terra
Studio arrangement – Giuseppe 'Pino' Marchese
Live orchestration – Giuseppe 'Pino' Marchese
Conductor – Bob Porter
Score audio semi-final – 12th place (45 votes)
Score – 16th place (22 votes)

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