Saturday 4 April 1981


Born: December 1st, 1947, Leonforte (Italy)
Nationality: Belgian

In due course, the short impression below will be replaced with a more extensive career overview


Hailing from a small town in Sicily, Giuseppe ‘Pino’ Marchese has been an important factor in Belgium’s record studios since the early 1970s. In his early years, he mainly worked as a pianist and bass player; he was involved in the recordings of ‘Ça plane pour moi’ (Lou Deprijck/Plastic Bertrand) and ‘Born to be alive’ (Patrick Hernandez). Other artists he worked for as an instrumentalist include Kris De Bruyne, Two Man Sound, and Francis Goya. Somewhat later, he started writing arrangements for various singers, such as Barry & Eileen, Rocco Granata, and Will Tura. He is occasionally credited as a composer as well, for example for Franck Olivier. Since the 1990s, Marchese mostly worked with Flemish-language artists: Luc Steeno, Christoff, Wendy Van Wanten, Dana Winner, and John Terra, to name just a few.


Giuseppe Marchese made his debut on the Eurovision stage backing up Telex as a vocalist in the festival in The Hague in 1980 along with Evert Verhees and Erik Chale. Telex's prank entry 'Euro-vision' was performed without orchestral accompaniment.

Marchese had been disco singer Emly Starr’s arranger for three years already, when she was chosen by Flemish BRT to represent Belgium in the 1981 Eurovision Song Contest with ‘Samson’, a song written by Penny Els, producer Kick Dandy, and Marchese himself. Giuseppe Marchese wrote the orchestration and conducted the RTÉ Concert Orchestra in Dublin during the Belgian performance. 

Fifteen years later, in 1996, Marchese arranged another Belgian entry, ‘Liefde is een kaartspel’, composed by John Terra and sung by Lisa Del Bo. In both the Belgian preselection and the international final, this song was conducted by Bob Porter.


Country – Belgium
Song title – “Euro-vision”
Rendition – Telex (Marc Moulin / Dan Lacksman / Michel Moers), backed up by Erik Chale / Giuseppe 'Pino' Marchese
Evert Verhees
Lyrics – Telex
Composition – Telex
Studio arrangement – Telex
Live orchestration – none
Conductor – none
Score – 17th place (14 votes)

Country – Belgium
Song title – “Samson”
Rendition – Emly Starr
Lyrics – Kick Dandy / Penny Els
Composition – Kick Dandy / Giuseppe 'Pino' Marchese
Studio arrangement – Giuseppe 'Pino' Marchese
Live orchestration – Giuseppe 'Pino' Marchese
Conductor – Giuseppe 'Pino' Marchese
Score – 13th place (40 votes)

Country – Belgium
Song title – “Liefde is een kaartspel”
Rendition – Lisa Del Bo
Lyrics – Siirak Brogden / Daniël Ditmar
Composition – John Terra
Studio arrangement – Giuseppe 'Pino' Marchese
Live orchestration – Giuseppe 'Pino' Marchese
Conductor – Bob Porter
Score audio semi-final – 12th place (45 votes)
Score – 16th place (22 votes)

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