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Edition number - 30
Date - May 4, 1985
Host broadcaster - SVT, Sweden
Host city - Gothenburg
Venue - Scandinavium 
Host - Lill Lindfors
Director - Steen Priwin
Producer - Steen Priwin assisted by Aino Börgesson-Fägerwall / Ninnie Fjelkegård / Gösta Hanson
Stage designer - Ingemar Wiberg
Musical director - Curt-Eric Holmquist
Orchestra - freelance orchestra
Opening sequence - 'My Joy Is Building Bricks Of Music' Lill Lindfors (Lill Lindfors - Susanne Wigforss / arr. Anders Ekdahl)
Interval act - Guitars Unlimited playing Swedish Classics
Scrutineer - Frank Naef
Number of entries - 19
Winning entry - 'La det swinge' Bobbysocks (Norway)
Winning songwriter - Rolf Løvland
Winning orchestrators - Rolf Løvland / Torgny Söderberg
Winning conductor - Terje Fjærn

Note 1 - Yugoslavia chose an entrant for the contest in Gothenburg, but withdrew its participation when it turned out the event was to be held on the 5th anniversary of the passing of President Josip Broz "Tito". This Yugoslav song for Gothenburg is given at the bottom of the results' list below as a withdrawn entry.

Note 2 - Belgium's Dutch-speaking broadcaster BRT originally commissioned composer Frédéric Devreese to write its entry. Devreese came up with 'Ik was een kind', with lyrics by novelist and poet Hugo Claus and to be performed by Mireille Capelle. The BRT, however, insisted on alternative lyrics, written by its in-house librettist Bert Vivier. Thereupon, Devreese as well as Capelle withdrew their commitment to the Eurovision project. Subsequently, the BRT chose a different song as its entry, 'Laat me nu gaan' by Pieter Verlinden and Bert Vivier. Frédéric Devreese's composition is added at the bottom of the results' list as a withdraw entry.

Finland's soloist Sonja Lumme in Gothenburg with Ossi Runne, who appeared on the Eurovision stage as his country's conductor for the eighteenth time


1st place (123 votes)

Song title – "La det swinge"
Rendition – Bobbysocks (Hanne Krogh / Elisabeth Andreasson)
Lyrics – Rolf Løvland
Composition – Rolf Løvland
Studio arrangement – Rolf Løvland / Torgny Söderberg
Live orchestration – Rolf Løvland / Torgny Söderberg
Conductor – Terje Fjærn

2nd place (105 votes)

Song title – “Für alle”
Rendition – Wind (Alexander Heiler / Rainer Höglmeier / Willy Jakob / Sami Kalifa / Christiane von Kutzschenbach / Petra Scheeser)
Lyrics – Hanne Haller
Composition – Hanne Haller
Studio arrangement – Rainer Pietsch
Live orchestration – Rainer Pietsch
Conductor – Rainer Pietsch

3rd place (103 votes)

Song title – "Bra vibrationer"
Rendition – Kikki Danielsson 
Lyrics - Ingela “Pling” Forsman
Composition – Lasse Holm 
Studio arrangement – Rutger Gunnarsson
Live orchestration – Rutger Gunnarsson
Conductor – Curt-Eric Holmquist (MD)

4th place (100 votes)

Song title – "Love Is…"
Rendition – Vikki (Victoria Watson)
Lyrics – James Kaleth / Victoria Watson
Composition – James Kaleth / Victoria Watson
Studio arrangement – James Kaleth
Live orchestration – James Kaleth
Conductor – John Coleman

5th place (93 votes)

Song title – “Olé-olé”
Rendition – Izhar Cohen
Lyrics – Hamutal Ben-Ze'ev
Composition – Kobi Oshrat
Studio arrangement – Kobi Oshrat
Live orchestration – Kobi Oshrat
Conductor – Kobi Oshrat

6th place (91 votes)

Song title – “Wait Until The Weekend Comes”
Rendition – Maria Christian
Lyrics – Brendan J. Graham
Composition – Brendan J. Graham
Studio arrangement – Bill Whelan
Live orchestration – Bill Whelan
Conductor – Noel Kelehan

7th place (78 votes)

Song title - "Magic, Oh Magic"
Rendition - Al Bano & Romina Power
Lyrics - Cristiano Minellono
Composition - Dario Farina / Michael Hoffmann
Studio arrangement - Fiorenzo 'Fio' Zanotti
Live orchestration - Fiorenzo 'Fio' Zanotti

8th place (60 votes)

Song title – “Kinder dieser Welt”
Rendition – Gary Lux
Lyrics – Michael Kunze
Composition – Geoff Bastow / Mick Jackson
Studio arrangement – Geoff Bastow / Rudi Bauer
Live orchestration – Geoff Bastow / Rudi Bauer
Conductor – Richard Oesterreicher

9th place (58 votes)

Song title – “Eläköön elämä”
Rendition – Sonja Lumme
Lyrics – Veli-Pekka Lehto
Composition – Petri Laaksonen
Studio arrangement – Bruno Korpela
Live orchestration – Bruno Korpela
Conductor – Ossi Runne

10th place (56 votes)

Song title – "Femme dans ses rêves aussi"
Rendition – Roger Bens
Lyrics – Didier Pascalis
Composition – Didier Pascalis
Studio arrangement – Michel Bernholc
Live orchestration – Michel Bernholc
Conductor – Michel Bernholc

11th place (41 votes)

Song title – "Sku’ du spørg fra no’en"
Rendition – Kirsten Siggaard & Søren Bundgaard (Hot Eyes) 
Lyrics – Keld Heick
Composition – Søren Bundgaard
Studio arrangement – Søren Bundgaard / Wolfgang Käfer
Live orchestration – Wolfgang Käfer
Conductor – Wolfgang Käfer

12th place (39 votes)

Song title – “Piano, piano”
Rendition – Mariella Farré & Pino Gasparini
Lyrics – Trudi Müller-Bosshard
Composition – Anita Kerr
Studio arrangement – Anita Kerr
Live orchestration – Anita Kerr
Conductor – Anita Kerr

13th place (37 votes)

Song title – "Children, Kinder, enfants"
Rendition – Margo (Annemieke Verdoorn) / Franck Olivier / Diane Solomon / Malcolm Roberts / Ireen Sheer / Chris Roberts 
Lyrics – Jean-Michael Bériat / Bernd Meinunger
Composition – Ralph Siegel
Studio arrangement – Norbert Daum
Live orchestration – Norbert Daum
Conductor – Norbert Daum

14th & 15th place (ex aequo, 36 votes)

Song title – "La fiesta terminó"
Rendition – Paloma San Basilio
Composition – Juan Carlos Calderón
Studio arrangement – Juan Carlos Calderón
Live orchestration – Juan Carlos Calderón
Conductor – Juan Carlos Calderón 

Song title – “Didai didai dai (Aşık oldum)”
Rendition – M.F.Ö. (Mazhar Alanson / Fuat Güner / Özkan Uğur)
Lyrics – Mazhar Alanson
Composition – Mazhar Alanson / Fuat Güner / Özkan Uğur
Studio arrangement – Garo Mafyan / Peter Schön
Live orchestration – Garo Mafyan / Peter Schön
Conductor – Garo Mafyan

16th & 17th place (ex aequo, 15 votes)

Song title – "To katalava arga"
Rendition – Lia Vissi
Lyrics – Lia Vissi
Composition – Lia Vissi
Studio arrangement – Charis Andreadis
Live orchestration – Charis Andreadis
Conductor – Charis Andreadis

Song title – "Moiazoume"
Rendition – Takis Biniáris
Lyrics – Maro Bizani
Composition – Takis Biniaris
Studio arrangement – Charis Andreadis
Live orchestration – Charis Andreadis
Conductor – Charis Andreadis

18th place (9 votes)

Song title – "Penso em ti, eu sei"
Rendition – Adelaide Ferreira
Lyrics – Luís Fernando / Adelaide Ferreira
Composition – Tózé Brito
Studio arrangement – José Calvário
Live orchestration – José Calvário
Conductor – José Calvário

19th place (7 votes)

Song title – "Laat me nu gaan"
Rendition – Linda Lepomme
Lyrics – Bert Vivier
Composition – Pieter Verlinden
Studio arrangement – Pieter Verlinden
Live orchestration – Pieter Verlinden
Conductor – Curt-Eric Holmquist (MD)

Withdrawn entries

Song title – “Pokora”
Rendition – Zorica Kondža
Lyrics – Zvonimir Pupačić
Composition – Ivo Pupačić
Studio arrangement – Joško Banov
Live orchestration – Joško Banov
Conductor – Joško Banov

Song title – “Vannacht” / “Ik was een kind”
Rendition – Mireille Capelle
Lyrics “Vannacht” – Hugo Claus
Lyrics “Ik was een kind” – Bert Vivier
Composition – Frédéric Devreese
Studio arrangement – Frédéric Devreese
Live orchestration – Frédéric Devreese
Conductor – unknown

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