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Edition number - 19
Date - April 6, 1974
Host broadcaster - BBC, United Kingdom
Host city - Brighton
Venue - Concert Hall, Brighton Dome
Host - Catherine Boyle
Director - Michael Hurll
Producer - Michael Hurll assisted by Phil Bishop & Geoff Jowitt
Stage designer - John Burrowes
Musical director - Ronnie Hazlehurst
Orchestra - BBC Television Orchestra 
Concertmaster - Antony Gilbert
Interval act - The Wombles, film directed by Bill Harris
Scrutineer - Clifford Brown
Number of entries - 17
Winning entry - 'Waterloo' ABBA
Winning songwriters - Stig Anderson / Benny Andersson / Bjorn Ulvaeus
Winning orchestrator - Sven-Olof Walldoff
Winning conductor - Sven-Olof Walldoff

Note 1 - France withdrew its entry to the contest in Brighton due to the country declaring a national mourning following the death of President Georges Pompidou on April 2nd, 1974, four days before the festival

Note 2 - Malta chose an entry for the contest in The Hague, but withdrew for reasons which have remained unclear. This Maltese song - interpreted in the Maltese final in its Maltese version by Enzo Gusman and in English by Renato Micallef - is given at the bottom of the results' list below as a withdrawn entry.

Sven-Olof Walldoff, Sweden's conductor in Brighton, sporting his Napoleon hat as ABBA and their manager Stig Anderson celebrate their Eurovision victory


1st place (24 votes)

Song title – "Waterloo"
Rendition – ABBA (Benny Andersson / Agnetha Fältskog / Anni-Frid Lyngstad / Björn Ulvaeus feat. Rutger Gunnarsson & Ola Brunkert)
Lyrics – Stig “Stikkan” Anderson
Composition – Benny Andersson / Björn Ulvaeus
Studio arrangement – Benny Andersson / Björn Ulvaeus
Live orchestration – Sven-Olof Walldoff
Conductor – Sven-Olof Walldoff

2nd place (18 votes)

Song title – "Sì"
Rendition – Gigliola Cinquetti
Lyrics – Corrado Conti / Daniel Pace / Mario Panzeri / Lorenzo Pilat
Composition – Corrado Conti / Daniel Pace / Mario Panzeri / Lorenzo Pilat
Studio arrangement – Gianfranco Monaldi
Live orchestration – Gianfranco Monaldi
Conductor – Gianfranco Monaldi

3rd place (15 votes)

Song title – "I See A Star (Ik zie een ster)"
Rendition – Mouth & MacNeal (Willem Duyn / Sjoukje van 't Spijker)
Dutch lyrics – Gerrit den Braber
  English lyrics – Hans van Hemert
Composition – Hans van Hemert
Studio arrangement – Piet Souer
Live orchestration – Piet Souer
Conductor – Harry van Hoof

4th to 6th place (ex aequo, 14 votes)

Song title – "Long Live Love"
Rendition – Olivia Newton-John
Lyrics – Valerie Avon / Harold Jacob Spiro
Composition – Valerie Avon / Harold Jacob Spiro
Studio arrangement – Nick Ingman
Live orchestration – Nick Ingman
Conductor – Nick Ingman

Song title – "Bye Bye, I Love You"
Rendition – Ireen Sheer
Lyrics – Humbert Ibach / Michael Kunze
Composition – Ralph Siegel
Studio arrangement – Charles Blackwell
Live orchestration – Charles Blackwell
Conductor – Charles Blackwell

Song title – "Celui qui reste et celui qui s’en va"
Rendition – Romuald Figuier
Lyrics – Michel Jourdan
Composition – Jean-Pierre Bourtayre
Studio arrangement – Raymond Donnez
Live orchestration – Raymond Donnez
Conductor – Raymond Donnez

7th & 8th place (ex aequo, 11 votes)

Song title – “Natati la khaiai”
Rendition – Kaveret / Poogy (Meir Fenigstein / Gidi Gov / Yitzhak Klapter / Alon Oleartchick / Dani Sanderson / Efraim Shamir)
Lyrics – Alon Oleartchick / Dani Sanderson
Composition – Dani Sanderson
Studio arrangement – Noam Sheriff / Poogy
Live orchestration – Noam Sheriff
Conductor – Yonatan Rechter

Song title – “Cross Your Heart”
Rendition – Tina Reynolds
Lyrics – Paul Lyttle
Composition – Paul Lyttle
Studio arrangement – Bill Somerville
Live orchestration – Bill Somerville
Conductor – Colman Pearce

9th & 10th place (ex aequo, 10 votes)

Song title – "Canta y se feliz"
Rendition – Peret
Lyrics – Pedro Pubill Calaf 'Peret'
Composition – Pedro Pubill Calaf 'Peret'
Studio arrangement – Juan Carlos Calderón
Live orchestration – Juan Carlos Calderón
Conductor – Rafael Ibarbia

Song title – "Fleur de liberté"
Rendition – Jacques Hustin
Lyrics – Franck F. Gérald
Composition – Jacques Hustin
Studio arrangement – Pierre Chiffre
Live orchestration – Pierre Chiffre
Conductor – Pierre Chiffre

11th place (7 votes)

Song title – "Crasi, thalassa kai t’agori mou"
Rendition – Marinella 
Lyrics – Pythagoras 
Composition – George Catsaros
Studio arrangement – George Catsaros
Live orchestration – George Catsaros
Conductor – George Catsaros

12th place (6 votes)

Song title – “Generacija 42 (Moja generacija)”
Rendition – Korni Grupa (Kornelije Kovač / Josip Boček / Zlatko Pejaković / Vladimir Furduj / Bojan Hreljac)
Lyrics – Kornelije Kovač
Composition – Kornelije Kovač
Studio arrangement – Kornelije Kovač / Zvonimir Skerl 
Live orchestration – Kornelije Kovač / Zvonimir Skerl
Conductor – Zvonimir Skerl

13th place (4 votes)

Song title – “Keep Me Warm (Älä mene pois)”
Rendition – Carita Holmström
Finnish lyrics – Hector (Heikki Haarma)
English lyrics – Frank Robson
Composition – Eero Koivistoinen
Studio arrangement – Eero Koivistoinen
(studio orchestra conducted by Eero Koivistoinen)
Live orchestration – Eero Koivistoinen
Conductor – Ossi Runne

14th to 17th place (ex aequo, 3 votes)

Song title – "The First Day Of Love (Hvor er du?)"
Rendition – Anne Karine Strøm & The Bendik Singers 
(Anne Lise Gjøstøl / Bjørn Kruse / Philip A. Kruse) 
Lyrics – Philip A. Kruse
Composition – Frode Thingnæs
Studio arrangement – Frode Thingnæs
Live orchestration – Frode Thingnæs
Conductor – Frode Thingnæs

Song title – "Die Sommermelodie"
Rendition – Cindy & Bert
Lyrics – Kurt Feltz
Composition – Werner Scharfenberger
Studio arrangement – Werner Scharfenberger
(studio orchestra conducted by Werner Scharfenberger)
Live orchestration – Werner Scharfenberger
Conductor – Werner Scharfenberger

Song title – "Mein Ruf nach Dir"
Rendition – Piera Martell
Lyrics – Pepe Ederer
Composition – Pepe Ederer
Studio arrangement – Pepe Ederer
Live orchestration – Pepe Ederer
Conductor – Pepe Ederer

Song title – "E depois do adeus"
Rendition – Paulo de Carvalho 
Lyrics – José Niza
Composition – José Calvário
Studio arrangement – José Calvário
Live orchestration – José Calvário
Conductor – José Calvário

Withdrawn entries

Song title – “La vie à 25 ans”
Rendition – Dani
Lyrics – Christine Fontane
Composition – Christine Fontane
Studio arrangement – Jean-Claude Petit
(studio orchestra conducted by Jean-Claude Petit)
Live orchestration – Jean-Claude Petit
Conductor – Jean-Claude Petit

Song title – “Paċi fid-dinja” / “Peace To The World”
Rendition – Enzo Gusman / Renato Micallef
Lyrics – Carmen Gusman
Composition – Enzo Gusman
Studio arrangement – unknown
Live orchestration – unknown
Conductor – unknown

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