Saturday 24 April 1982


Born: May 21st, 1934, Zagreb, Croatia (Yugoslavia)
Died: January 22nd, 2009, Belgrade (Serbia)
Nationality: Serbian

In due course, the short impression below will be replaced with a more extensive career overview


Zvonimir Skerl was one of the trombonist in the Jazz Orchestra (Big Band) of RTB, the broadcaster in the Serbian part of Yugoslavia; he composed and arranged many pieces for this band. Later, Skerl succeeded Vojislav Simić as the conductor of this ensemble. As a studio arranger, Skerl showed an enormous productivity, working for (among many others) Lola Novaković, Oliver, Toma Zdravković, and Dalibor Brun. Skerl taught at the Stanković Music Academy.


Zvonimir Skerl conducted two Yugoslavian entries composed and performed by Serbian artists, in 1974 (‘Moja generacija’, performed by Korni Grupa) and 1982 (‘Halo, halo’, performed by Aska). Moreover, in 1992, he was the arranger and conductor of ‘Ljubim te pesmama’, which won the last-ever Yugoslavian preselection. However, when Extra Nena performed her song in the Eurovision final in Malmö, it turned out that she had travelled to the contest without her conductor; it was Swedish host MD Anders Berglund who replaced Skerl.


Country – Yugoslavia
Song title – “Generacija 42 (Moja generacija)”
Rendition – Korni Grupa (Kornelije Kovač / Josip Boček / Zlatko Pejaković / Vladimir Furduj / Bojan Hreljac)
Lyrics – Kornelije Kovač
Composition – Kornelije Kovač
Studio arrangement – Kornelije Kovač / Zvonimir Skerl 
Live orchestration – Kornelije Kovač / Zvonimir Skerl
Conductor – Zvonimir Skerl
Score – 12th place (6 votes)

Country – Yugoslavia
Song title – “Halo halo”
Rendition – Aska (Izolda Barudžija / Snežana Misković / Snežana Stamenković)
Lyrics – Miro Zec
Composition – Aleksandar Sanja Ilić
Studio arrangement – Slobodan Marković 
Live orchestration – Slobodan Marković / Zvonimir Skerl
Conductor – Zvonimir Skerl
Score – 14th place (21 votes)

Country – Yugoslavia
Song title – “Ljubim te pesmama”
Rendition – Extra Nena
Lyrics – Gale Janković
Composition –  Radivoje Radivojević
Studio arrangement – Slobodan Marković
(Veliki Revijski Orkestar conducted by Zvonimir Skerl)
Live orchestration – Slobodan Marković 
(orchestra in Yugoslavian national final conducted by Zvonimir Skerl)
Conductor – Anders Berglund (MD)
Score – 13th place (44 votes

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