Saturday 22 April 1978


Born: April 2nd, 1948, Enskede, Stockholm (Sweden)
Nationality: Swedish

In due course, the short impression below will be replaced with a more extensive career overview

In the 1970s, Bengt Palmers worked as a record producer; the greatest success to his credit in that respect is ‘Moviestar’, an international hit for Harpo in 1975. From the 1980s onwards, Palmers mainly worked as a film composer and scriptwriter for movies such as Sällskepresan (1980), Strull (1988), and Joker (1991). Using the pseudonym Ben G.T. Palmers, he also worked on Hollywood productions in the United States. More recently, Palmers was a jury member in the Swedish TV talent show Fame Factory.


Between 1975 and 1979, Bengt Palmers conducted four entries in the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest heats, amongst which one winner: ‘Det blir alltid värre framåt natten’ in 1978, which was sung by Björn Skifs, with whom Palmers had a close working relationship in those years. Subsequently, Palmers travelled to Paris with Skifs to conduct the orchestra for him in the international final; Palmers had written the arrangement to Skifs’ ballad in collaboration with the song’s composer, Peter Himmelstrand. Three years later, in 1981, Bengt Palmers and Björn Skifs teamed up again and wrote a song which won the Swedish preselection, ‘Fångad i en dröm’; Palmers wrote the orchestration, but had to leave the conducting in the Swedish heats and the international final to Anders Berglund.


Country – Sweden
Song title – “Det blir alltid värre framåt natten”
Rendition – Björn Skifs
Lyrics – Peter Himmelstrand
Composition – Peter Himmelstrand
Studio arrangement – Peter Himmelstrand / Bengt Palmers
Live orchestration – Peter Himmelstrand / Bengt Palmers
Conductor – Bengt Palmers
Score – 14th place (26 votes)

Country – Sweden
Song title – "Fångad i en dröm"
Rendition – Björn Skifs
Lyrics – Bengt Palmers / Björn Skifs
Composition – Bengt Palmers / Björn Skifs
Studio arrangement – Bengt Palmers
Live orchestration – Bengt Palmers
Conductor – Anders Berglund
Score – 10th place (50 votes)

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