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Edition number - 18
Date - April 7, 1973
Official name - Concours Eurovision de la Chanson
Host broadcaster - RTL, Luxembourg
Host city - Luxembourg-Ville
Venue - Nouveau Théâtre Municipal
Host - Helga Guitton
Director - René Steichen
Producer - René Steichen
Stage designer - Jo Dzierzenga
Executive producer - Paul Viveling
Musical director - Pierre Cao
Orchestra - Orchestre de Radio-Télé-Luxembourg with a group of freelance musicians feat. Jean Roderes (piano)
Interval act - Charlie Rivel performing clown act 'Carlotta Rivello'
Scrutineer - Clifford Brown
Number of entries - 17
Winning entry - 'Tu te reconnaîtras' Anne-Marie David (Luxembourg)
Winning songwriters - Vline Buggy / Claude Morgan
Winning orchestrator - Raymond Donnez
Winning conductor - Pierre Cao

An Israeli security officer taking a close look at proceedings behind the cameras while conductor Nurit Hirsh and Israel's debut singer in the contest, Ilanit, are rehearsing their performance with the RTL Orchestra


1st place (129 votes)

Song title – "Tu te reconnaîtras"
Rendition – Anne-Marie David
Lyrics – Vline Buggy
Composition – Claude Morgan
Studio arrangement – Raymond Donnez
Live orchestration – Raymond Donnez
Conductor – Pierre Cao (MD)

2nd place (125 votes)

Song title – "Eres tú"
Rendition – Mocedades (Javier Garay / José Ipiña / Amaya Uranga Amézaga / Izaskum Uranga Amézaga / Roberto Uranga) 
Composition – Juan Carlos Calderón
Studio arrangement – Juan Carlos Calderón
Live orchestration – Juan Carlos Calderón
Conductor – Juan Carlos Calderón 

3rd place (123 votes)

Song title – “Power To All Our Friends”
Rendition – Cliff Richard
Lyrics – Guy Fletcher / Doug Flett
Composition – Guy Fletcher / Doug Flett
Studio arrangement – David Mackay
Live orchestration – David Mackay
Conductor – David Mackay

4th place (97 votes)

Song title – "Ey sham"
Rendition – Ilanit (Hanna Dresner)
Lyrics – Ehud Manor
Composition – Nurit Hirsh
Studio arrangement – Nurit Hirsh / Boris Jojić
(studio orchestra conducted by Boris Jojić)
Live orchestration – Nurit Hirsh
Conductor – Nurit Hirsh

5th place (94 votes)

Song title – "You’re Summer (Sommar’n som aldrig säger nej)"
Rendition – The Nova / Malta 
(Göran Fristorp & Claes Olof af Geijerstam)
Lyrics – Lars Forsell
Composition – Carl-Axel Dominique / Monica Dominique
Studio arrangement – Monica Dominique
Live orchestration – Monica Dominique
Conductor – Monica Dominique

6th place (93 votes)

Song title – “Tom Tom Tom”
Rendition – Marion Rung
Finnish lyrics – Rauno Lehtinen
English lyrics – Bob Barratt
Composition – Rauno Lehtinen
Studio arrangement – Rauno Lehtinen
(studio orchestra conducted by Rauno Lehtinen)
Live orchestration – Rauno Lehtinen
Conductor – Ossi Runne

7th place (89 votes)

Song title – "It’s Just A Game (Å for et spil)"
Rendition – Bendik Singers (= Bjørn Kruse / Philip A. Kruse / Ellen Nikolaysen / Anne-Karine Strøm)
Norwegian lyrics – Arne Bendiksen
English lyrics – Robert Williams
Composition – Arne Bendiksen
Studio arrangement – Egil Monn-Iversen
Live orchestration – Egil Monn-Iversen
Conductor – Carsten Klouman

8th & 9th place (85 votes)

Song title – “Junger Tag”
Rendition – Gitte Hænning
Lyrics – Stephan Lego
Composition – Günther-Eric Thöner
Studio arrangement – Günther-Eric Thöner
Live orchestration – Günther-Eric Thöner
Conductor – Günther-Eric Thöner

Song title – “Un train qui part”
Rendition – Marie (Marie-France Dufour)
Lyrics – Boris Bergman
Composition – Bernard Liamis
Studio arrangement – Jean-Claude Vannier
(studio orchestra conducted by Jean-Claude Vannier)
Live orchestration – Jean-Claude Vannier
Conductor – Jean-Claude Vannier

10th & 11th place (80 votes)

Song title – “Tourada”
Rendition – Fernando Tordo
Lyrics – José Carlos Ary dos Santos
Composition – Fernando Tordo
Studio arrangement – Pedro Osório
Live orchestration – Pedro Osório
Conductor – Jorge Costa Pinto

Song title – “Do I Dream?”
Rendition – Maxi (Irene McCoubrey)
Lyrics – Jack Brierley / George F. Crosbie
Composition – Jack Brierley / George F. Crosbie
Studio arrangement – Arthur Greenslade
Live orchestration – Arthur Greenslade
Conductor – Colman Pearce

12th place (79 votes)

Song title – “Je vais me marier, Marie”
Rendition – Patrick Juvet
Lyrics – Pierre Delanoë
Composition – Patrick Juvet
Studio arrangement – Hervé Roy
(studio orchestra conducted by Hervé Roy)
Live orchestration – Hervé Roy
Conductor – Hervé Roy

13th place (74 votes)

Song title – "Chi sarà (Con te)"
Rendition – Massimo Ranieri 
Lyrics – Giancarlo Bigazzi
Composition – Enrico Polito / Gaetano Savio
Studio arrangement – Enrico Polito
(studio orchestra conducted by Enrico Polito)
Live orchestration – Enrico Polito
Conductor – Enrico Polito

14th place (69 votes)

Song title – "De oude muzikant"
Rendition – Ben Cramer
Lyrics – Pierre Kartner
Composition – Pierre Kartner
Studio arrangement – Harry van Hoof
Live orchestration – Harry van Hoof
Conductor – Harry van Hoof

15th & 16th place (65 votes)

Song title – "Gori vatra"
Rendition – Zdravko Čolić
Lyrics – Kemal Monteno
Composition – Kemal Monteno
Studio arrangement – Ranko Rihtman 
(Revijski Orkestar RTV Sarajevo conducted by Esad Arnautalić)
Live orchestration – Ranko Rihtman
Conductor – Esad Arnautalić

Song title – "Sans toi"
Rendition – Martine Clémenceau
Lyrics – Anne Grégory
Composition – Paul Koulak
Studio arrangement – Jean Claudric
Live orchestration – Jean Claudric
Conductor – Jean Claudric

17th place (58 votes)

Song title – "Baby, Baby"
Rendition – Nicole & Hugo
Lyrics – Erik Marijsse
Composition – Ignace Baert
Studio arrangement – Marcel Picavet 
(studio orchestra conducted by Francis Bay)
Live orchestration – Marcel Picavet
Conductor – Francis Bay

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