Saturday 7 April 1973


Born: March 25th, 1941, Bucharest (Romania)
Died: February 7th, 2001, Starnberg (Germany)
Nationality: German

In due course, the short impression below will be replaced with a more extensive career overview


Munich-based Günther-Eric Thöner was the leading member of the Jay Five band. In the 1970s, he became a record producer, composer, and arranger for, amongst others, Karel Gott, Wolfgang Sauer, Jürgen Marcus, and Graham Bonney. For the 1981 hit recording ‘Angel Of Mine’ by Frank Duval, he sang the backing vocals. Thöner composed many jingles for TV and radio advertisements for McDonald’s and other companies.


Günther-Eric Thöner composed and arranged the 1973 West German entry ‘Junger Tag’ (lyrics by his long-time writing partner Stephan Lego), sung by Gitte; the song finished 8th in a field of 17 competitors. 

Thöner took part in the West German preselection as a composer several more times, e.g. in 1985 with Wolff Gerhard and ‘Also lebe ich’. In 1986, Thöner himself had a go as a vocalist with ‘Du bist der Wind, der meine Flügel trägt’, but the honour to represent West Germany in Bergen (Norway) that year went to Ingrid Peters with a song composed by Hans Blum, “Über die Brücke geh’n’.


Country – West Germany
Song title – “Junger Tag”
Rendition – Gitte Hænning
Lyrics – Stephan Lego
Composition – Günther-Eric Thöner
Studio arrangement – Günther-Eric Thöner
Live orchestration – Günther-Eric Thöner
Conductor – Günther-Eric Thöner
Score – 8th place (85 votes)

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