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Edition number - 4
Date - March 11, 1959
Official name - Grand Prix Eurovision de la Chanson Européenne 1959
Host broadcaster - RTF, France
Host city - Cannes
Venue - Palais des Festivals
Host - Jacqueline Joubert
Director - Marcel Cravenne
Producer - Marcel Cravenne
Stage designer - unknown
Musical director - Franck Pourcel
Orchestra - freelance orchestra
Interval act - none
Scrutineer - none
Number of entries - 11
Winning entry - 'Een beetje' Teddy Scholten (Netherlands)
Winning songwriters - Willy van Hemert / Dick Schallies
Winning orchestrators - Pi Scheffer / Bert Paige / Dick Schallies / Dolf van der Linden
Winning conductor - Dolf van der Linden

Teddy Scholten and conductor Dolf van der Linden (to her left) being congratulated on their Eurovision win by Jean d'Arcy, who handed them the medals on behalf of organising broadcaster RTF (amateur picture taken by Teddy's husband Henk, who was in the audience on the night)


1st place (21 votes)

Song title – “Een beetje”
Rendition – Teddy Scholten
Lyrics – Willy van Hemert
Composition – Dick Schallies
Studio arrangements – Jan Corduwener / Jack Bulterman
(studio orchestras conducted by Jan Corduwener & Jack Bulterman)
Live orchestration – Pi Scheffer / Bert Paige / Dick Schallies / Dolf van der Linden
Conductor – Dolf van der Linden

2nd place (16 votes)

Song title – "Sing Little Birdie"
Rendition – Pearl Carr & Teddy Johnson
Lyrics – Syd Cordell
Composition – Stan Butcher
Studio arrangement – Martin Slavin
(studio orchestra conducted by Martin Slavin)
Live orchestration – Alan Bristow
Conductor – Eric Robinson

3rd place (15 votes)

Song title – “Oui, oui, oui, oui”
Rendition – Jean Philippe
Lyrics – Pierre Cour
Composition – Hubert Giraud
Studio arrangement – Jean Bouchéty
(studio orchestra conducted by Jean Bouchéty)
Live orchestration – Franck Pourcel
Conductor – Franck Pourcel (MD)

4th place (14 votes)

Song title – “Irgendwoher”
Rendition – Christa Williams
Lyrics – Lothar Löffler
Composition – Lothar Löffler
Studio arrangement – Arno Flor
Live orchestration – Lothar Löffler
Conductor – Franck Pourcel (MD)

5th place (12 votes)

Song title – “Uh – jeg ville ønske jeg var dig”
Rendition – Birthe Wilke
Lyrics – Carl Andersen
Composition – Otto Lington
Studio arrangement – Arne Lamberth
(Radio Danseorkestret conducted by Arne Lamberth)
Live orchestration – Arne Lamberth
Conductor – Kai Mortensen

6th & 7th place (ex aequo, 9 votes)

Song title – "Piove (Ciao, ciao bambina)"
Rendition – Domenico Modugno
Lyrics – Dino Verde
Composition – Domenico Modugno
Studio arrangement – William Galassini
Live orchestration – William Galassini
Conductor – William Galassini

Song title – "Hou toch van mij"
Rendition – Bob Benny
Lyrics – Ké Riema
Composition – Hans Flower
Studio arrangement – Frank Engelen / Glen Powell (= Félix Faecq)
Live orchestration – Frank Engelen
Conductor – Francis Bay

8th place (5 votes)

Song title – “Heute abend wollen wir tanzen geh'n”
Rendition – Alice & Ellen Kessler
Lyrics – Astrid Voltmann
Composition – Helmut Zander
Studio arrangement – unknown
Live orchestration – unknown
Conductor – Franck Pourcel (MD)

9th & 10th place (4 votes)

Song title – “Augustin”
Rendition – Brita Borg
Lyrics – Åke Gerhard
Composition – Bo Harry Sandin
Studio arrangement – Bengt Hallberg
(studio orchestra conducted by Bengt Hallberg)
Live orchestration – Gösta Theselius
Conductor – Franck Pourcel (MD)

Song title – “Der K. und K. Kalypso aus Wien”
Rendition – Ferry Graf
Lyrics – Günther Leopold
Composition – Norbert Pawlicki
Studio arrangement – Norbert Pawlicki
(studio orchestra conducted by Norbert Pawlicki)
Live orchestration – Norbert Pawlicki
Conductor – Franck Pourcel (MD)

11th place (1 vote)

Song title – “Mon ami Pierrot”
Rendition – Jacques Pills
Lyrics – Raymond Bravard
Composition – Florence Véran
Studio arrangement – none
Live orchestration – unknown
Conductor – Franck Pourcel (MD)

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