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Edition number - 15
Date - March 21, 1970
Official name - Eurovisie Songfestival 1970
Host broadcaster - NOS, Netherlands
Host city - Amsterdam
Venue - RAI Congrescentrum
Host - Willy Dobbe
Director - Theo Ordeman assisted by Els van Baarle
Producer - Theo Ordeman assisted by Els Werner
Stage designer - Roland de Groot
Executive producer - Rens van Dorth
Musical director - Dolf van der Linden
Orchestra - Metropole Orkest
Concertmaster - Guus Valten
Interval act - Don de Lurio Dancers van Amsterdam 'Mixer' (arr. Rogier van Otterloo)
Scrutineer - Clifford Brown
Number of entries - 12
Winning entry - 'All Kinds Of Everything' Dana (Ireland)
Winning songwriters - Derry Lindsay / Jackie Smith
Winning orchestrator - Phil Coulter
Winning conductor - Dolf van der Linden

Note - Like Finland, Norway, and Sweden, Portugal chose to withdraw from the 1970 Eurovision Song Contest. Nonetheless, Portuguese broadcaster RTP held a Festival da Canção, the winning song of which is given below as a 'withdrawn entry'.

The Metropole Orchestra during rehearsals with UK conductor Johnny Arthey having a look at his score; at his side is singer Mary Hopkin. In the top left-hand corner of the photo, resident conductor Dolf van der Linden can be detected 


1st place (32 votes)

Song title – “All Kinds Of Everything”
Rendition – Dana (Rosemary Scallon)
Lyrics – Derry Lindsay / Jackie Smith
Composition – Derry Lindsay / Jackie Smith 
Studio arrangement – Phil Coulter
Live orchestration – Phil Coulter
Conductor – Dolf van der Linden (MD)

2nd place (26 votes)

Song title – "Knock Knock (Who’s There)"
Rendition – Mary Hopkin
Lyrics – John Carter / Geoff Stephens
Composition – John Carter / Geoff Stephens
Studio arrangement – Johnny Arthey
Live orchestration – Johnny Arthey
Conductor – Johnny Arthey

3rd place (12 votes)

Song title – "Wunder gibt es immer wieder"
Rendition – Katja Ebstein 
Lyrics – Günter Loose
Composition – Christian Bruhn
Studio arrangement – Christian Bruhn
Live orchestration – Christian Bruhn
Conductor – Christian Bruhn

4th to 6th place (ex aequo, 8 votes)

Song title – "Retour"
Rendition – Henri Dès 
Lyrics – Henri Destraz
Composition – Henri Destraz
Studio arrangement – Bernard Gérard
(studio orchestra conducted by Bernard Gérard)
Live orchestration – Bernard Gérard
Conductor – Bernard Gérard

Song title – "Marie Blanche"
Rendition – Guy Bonnet
Lyrics – Pierre-André Dousset
Composition – Guy Bonnet
Studio arrangement – Alain Goraguer
(studio orchestra conducted by Alain Goraguer)
Live orchestration – Alain Goraguer
Conductor – Franck Pourcel

Song title – "Gwendolyne"
Rendition – Julio Iglesias
Lyrics – Julio Iglesias
Composition – Julio Iglesias
Studio arrangement – Benito Lauret
(studio orchestra conducted by Ivor Raymonde)
Live orchestration – Benito Lauret
Conductor – Augusto Algueró

7th place (7 votes)

Song title – “Waterman”
Rendition – Patricia & The Hearts of Soul (Patricia Maessen / Stella Maessen / Bianca Maessen)
Lyrics – Pieter Goemans
Composition – Pieter Goemans
Studio arrangement – Herre Jager
(studio orchestra conducted by Ferry Wienneke)
Live orchestration – Herre Jager
Conductor – Dolf van der Linden (MD)

8th to 10th place (ex aequo, 5 votes)

Song title – "Occhi di ragazza"
Rendition – Gianni Morandi
Lyrics – Gianfranco Baldazza / Sergio Bardotti 
Composition – Lucio Dalla / Armando Franceschini
Studio arrangement – Mario Capuano 
(studio orchestra conducted by Mario Capuano)
Live orchestration – Mario Capuano
Conductor – Mario Capuano

Song title – "Viens l'oublier" 
Rendition – Jean Vallée 
Lyrics – Jean Vallée 
Composition – Jean Vallée 
Studio arrangement – Alain Goraguer 
Live orchestration – Alain Goraguer 
Conductor – Jack Say 

Song title – "Marlène"
Rendition – Dominique Dussault 
Lyrics – Henri Djian
Composition – Jimmy Walter / Eddie Barclay
Studio arrangement – Jean Bouchéty
(studio orchestra conducted by Jimmy Walter)
Live orchestration – Jean Bouchéty
Conductor – Jimmy Walter

11th place (4 votes)

Song title – “Pridi, dala ti bom cvet”
Rendition – Eva Sršen
Lyrics – Dušan Velkaverh
Composition – Mojmir Sepe
Studio arrangement – Mojmir Sepe
(studio orchestra conducted by Jože Privšek)
Live orchestration – Mojmir Sepe
Conductor – Mojmir Sepe
12th place (0 votes)

Song title – “Je suis tombé du ciel”
Rendition – David Alexandre Winter
Lyrics – Eddy Marnay
Composition – Yves De Vriendt
Studio arrangement – Raymond Lefèvre
(studio orchestra conducted by Raymond Lefèvre)
Live orchestration – Raymond Lefèvre
Conductor – Raymond Lefèvre

Withdrawn entry

Song title – “Onde vais rio que eu canto”
Rendition – Sergio Borges
Lyrics – Joaquim Pedro Gonçalves
Composition – Carlos Nóbrega e Sousa
Studio arrangement – Joaquim Luís Gomes
(studio orchestra conducted by Joaquim Luís Gomes)
Live orchestration – Joaquim Luís Gomes
Conductor – Jorge Costa Pinto

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