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Edition number - 11
Date - March 5, 1966
Official name - Grand Prix de la Chanson Européenne 1966
Host broadcaster - CLT, Luxembourg
Host city - Luxembourg-Ville
Venue - Grand Auditorium, Villa Louvigny
Host - Josiane Shen
Director - René Steichen
Producer - René Steichen
Stage designer - Daniel Guéret O'Nillon
Musical director - Jean Roderes
Orchestra - freelance orchestra
Interval act - Les Haricots Rouges / dixieland orchestra
Scrutineer - Clifford Brown
Number of entries - 18
Winning entry - 'Merci chérie' Udo Jürgens (Austria)
Winning songwriters - Udo Jürgens / Thomas Hörbiger
Winning orchestrator - Hans Hammerschmid
Winning conductor - Hans Hammerschmid

Note - Italy's entry, 'Dio come ti amo', although originally scheduled to be played with the orchestra under the baton of Angelo Giacomazzi, was performed with a small combo flown in from Italy during the week. It is unclear if Angelo Giacomazzi, who officially went down into the Eurovision history books as Modugno's conductor on the night, only conducted the combo or played the piano in it at the same time, given that the Luxembourg camera team ignored the Italian combo completely during Modugno's performance. In effect, 'Dio come ti amo' was the first Eurovision entry to be performed without live orchestral accompaniment.

Rough sketch of the 1966 Eurovision stage, signed by its designer Daniel Guéret O'Nillon


1st place (31 votes)

Song title – "Merci chérie"
Rendition – Udo Jürgens 
Lyrics – Thomas Hörbiger / Udo Jürgens
Composition – Udo Jürgens
Studio arrangement – Hans Hammerschmid
(studio orchestra conducted by Hans Hammerschmid)
Live orchestration – Hans Hammerschmid
Conductor – Hans Hammerschmid

2nd place (16 votes)

Song title – "Nygammal vals (Eller hip man svinaherde)"
Rendition – Lill Lindfors / Svante Thuresson 
Lyrics – Björn Lindroth
Composition – Bengt-Arne Wallin
Studio arrangement – none / song was not released commercially
Live orchestration – Bengt-Arne Wallin
Conductor – Gert Ove Andersson

3rd place (15 votes)

Song title – "Oj, oj, oj, så glad jeg skal bli"
Rendition – Kirsti Sparboe
Lyrics – Arne Bendiksen
Composition – Arne Bendiksen
Studio arrangement – Egil Monn-Iversen
(studio orchestra conducted by Kjell Karlsen)
Live orchestration – Egil Monn-Iversen
Conductor – Øivind Bergh

4th & 5th place (ex aequo, 14 votes)

Song title – "Un peu de poivre, un peu de sel"
Rendition – Tonia
Lyrics – Philippe Van Cauwenbergh
Composition – Paul Quintens
Studio arrangement – Etienne Verschueren
Live orchestration – Etienne Verschueren
Conductor – Jean Roderes (MD)

Song title – “Come Back To Stay”
Rendition – Dickie Rock
Lyrics – Rowland Soper
Composition – Rowland Soper
Studio arrangement – Pat King
Live orchestration – Pat King
Conductor – Noel Kelehan

6th place (12 votes)

Song title – "Ne vois-tu pas"
Rendition – Madeleine Pascal
Lyrics – Roland Schweizer
Composition – Pierre Brenner
Studio arrangement – Alain Goraguer
(studio orchestra conducted by Alain Goraguer)
Live orchestration – Alain Goraguer
Conductor – Jean Roderes (MD)

7th & 8th place (ex aequo, 9 votes)

Song title – “Brez besed”
Rendition – Berta Ambrož
Lyrics – Elza Budau
Composition – Mojmir Sepe
Studio arrangement – Mojmir Sepe
(Ansambel Jožeta Privška conducted by Jože Privšek)
Live orchestration – Mojmir Sepe
Conductor – Mojmir Sepe

Song title – "Yo soy aquél"
Rendition – Raphael Martos Sánchez
Lyrics – Manuel Alejandro
Composition – Manuel Alejandro
Studio arrangement – Manuel Alejandro
Live orchestration – Manuel Alejandro
Conductor – Rafael Ibarbia

9th place (8 votes)

Song title – “A Man Without Love”
Rendition – Kenneth McKellar
Lyrics – Peter Callander
Composition – Cyril Ornadel
Studio arrangement – Johnny Spence
(studio orchestra conducted by Bob Sharples)
Live orchestration – Johnny Spence
Conductor – Harry Rabinowitz

10th to 12th place (ex aequo, 7 votes)

Song title – "Die Zeiger der Uhr"
Rendition – Margot Eskens
Lyrics – Hans Bradtke
Composition – Walter Dobschinski
Studio arrangement – Werner Last
(studio orchestra conducted by Werner Last)
Live orchestration – Werner Last
Conductor – Willy Berking

Song title – "Ce soir je t'attendais"
Rendition – Michèle Torr
Lyrics – Jacques Chaumelle
Composition – Bernard Kesslair
Studio arrangement – Les Reed
(studio orchestra conducted by Les Reed)
Live orchestration – Les Reed
Conductor – Jean Roderes (MD)

Song title – “Playboy”
Rendition – Ann-Christine Nyström
Lyrics – Ossi Runne
Composition – Ossi Runne
Studio arrangement – Esko Linnavalli
(studio orchestra conducted by Esko Linnavalli)
Live orchestration – Esko Linnavalli
Conductor – Ossi Runne

13th place (6 votes)

Song title – “Ele e ela”
Rendition – Madalena Iglésias
Lyrics – Carlos Canelhas
Composition – Carlos Canelhas
Studio arrangement – Jorge Costa Pinto
Live orchestration – Jorge Costa Pinto
Conductor – Jorge Costa Pinto

14th place (4 votes)

Song title – “Stop, mens legen er go’”
Rendition – Ulla Pia
Lyrics – Erik Kåre
Composition – Erik Kåre
Studio arrangement – Arne Lamberth
(Grand-Prix Orkestret conducted by Arne Lamberth)
Live orchestration – Arne Lamberth
Conductor – Arne Lamberth

15th place (2 votes)

Song title – “Fernando en Philippo”
Rendition – Milly Scott
Lyrics – Gerrit den Braber
Composition – Kees Bruyn
Studio arrangement – Kees Bruyn
(studio orchestra conducted by Kees Bruyn)
Live orchestration – Kees Bruyn
Conductor – Dolf van der Linden

16th place (1 vote)

Song title – "Chez nous"
Rendition – Dominique Walter 
Lyrics – Jacques Plante
Composition – Claude Carrère
Studio arrangement – Jean Claudric
Live orchestration – Jean Claudric / Franck Pourcel
Conductor – Franck Pourcel

17th & 18th place (ex aequo, 0 votes)

Song title – "Bien plus fort"
Rendition – Tereza Kesovija
Lyrics – Jean Max Rivière
Composition – Gérard Bourgeois
Studio arrangement – Alain Goraguer
(studio orchestra conducted by Alain Goraguer)
Live orchestration – Alain Goraguer
Conductor – Alain Goraguer

Song title – "Dio come ti amo"
Rendition – Domenico Modugno
Lyrics – Domenico Modugno
Composition – Domenico Modugno
Studio arrangement (orchestral version) – Giulio Libano
(San Remo orchestra conducted by Nello Ciangherotti)
Studio arrangement (combo version)Angelo Giacomazzi
Live orchestration – Angelo Giacomazzi 
"Conductor" – Angelo Giacomazzi

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