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Edition number - 5
Date - March 29, 1960
Host broadcaster - BBC, United Kingdom
Host city - London
Venue - Royal Festival Hall
Host - Catherine Boyle
Director - Innes Lloyd
Producer - Harry Carlisle
Stage designer - unknown
Musical director - Eric Robinson
Orchestra - freelance orchestra
Concertmaster - David McCallum
Interval act - none
Scrutineer - none
Number of entries - 13
Winning entry - 'Tom Pillibi' Jacqueline Boyer (France)
Winning songwriters - Pierre Cour / André Popp
Winning orchestrator - Franck Pourcel
Winning conductor - Franck Pourcel

Franck Pourcel conducting Eric Robinson's orchestra for the reprise of Jacqueline Boyer's winning performance in London's Royal Festival Hall


1st place (32 votes)

Song title – “Tom Pillibi”
Rendition – Jacqueline Boyer
Lyrics – Pierre Cour
Composition – André Popp
Studio arrangement – Franck Pourcel
(studio orchestra conducted by Franck Pourcel)
Live orchestration – Franck Pourcel
Conductor – Franck Pourcel

2nd place (25 votes)

Song title – "Looking High, High, High"
Rendition – Bryan Johnson
Lyrics – John Watson
Composition – John Watson
Studio arrangement – Eric Rogers
Live orchestration – Dick Barrell
Conductor – Eric Robinson (MD)

3rd place (15 votes)

Song title – “Ce soir-là”
Rendition – François Deguelt
Lyrics – Pierre Dorsey
Composition – Hubert Giraud
Studio arrangement – Jo Moutet
(studio orchestra conducted by Jo Moutet)
Live orchestration – Raymond Lefèvre
Conductor – Raymond Lefèvre

4th & 5th place (ex aequo, 11 votes)

Song title – "Voi-voi"
Rendition – Nora Brockstedt
Lyrics – Georg Elgaaen
Composition – Georg Elgaaen
Studio arrangement – Egil Monn-Iversen
Live orchestration – Carsten Klouman
Conductor – Øivind Bergh

Song title – "Bonne nuit, ma chérie!"
Rendition – Wyn Hoop
Lyrics – Kurt Schwabach
Composition – Franz Josef Breuer
Studio arrangement – Rudolf Kühn
(recorded with the Decca-Tanzorchester)
Live orchestration – Rudolf Kühn
Conductor – Franz Josef Breuer

6th place (9 votes)

Song title – “Mon amour pour toi”
Rendition – Fud Leclerc
Lyrics – Robert Montal (Robert Frickx)
Composition – Jack Say
Studio arrangement – Jack Say
(studio orchestra conducted by Jack Say)
Live orchestration – Jack Say
Conductor – Henri Segers

7th place (6 votes)

Song title – “Du hast mich so fasziniert”
Rendition – Horst 'Harry' Winter
Lyrics – Robert Gilbert
Composition – Robert Stolz
Studio arrangement – none
Live orchestration – Wally Stott
Conductor – Robert Stolz

8th & 9th place (ex aequo, 5 votes)

Song title – “Cielo e terra”
Rendition – Anita Traversi
Lyrics – Alberto Bottazzi
Composition – Mario Robbiani
Studio arrangement – Giulio Libano
(studio orchestra conducted by Giulio Libano)
Live orchestration – Mario Robbiani
Conductor – Cédric Dumont

Song title – "Romantica"
Rendition – Renato Rascel
Lyrics – Dino Verde
Composition – Renato Rascel
Studio arrangement – Marcello De Martino
Live orchestration – Ennio Morricone
Conductor – Cinico Angelini

10th & 11th place (ex aequo, 4 votes)

Song title – "Alla andra får varann"
Rendition – Siw Malmkvist 
Lyrics – Åke Gerhard
Composition – Ulf Källqvist
Studio arrangement – none / song was never recorded
Live orchestration – Gösta Theselius
Conductor – Thore Ehrling

Song title – “Det var en yndig tid”
Rendition – Katy Bødtger
Lyrics – Sven Buemann
Composition – Vilfred Kjær
Studio arrangement – Morten Reesen
(Grand Prix Orkestret conducted by Morten Reesen)
Live orchestration – Morten Reesen
Conductor – Kai Mortensen

12th place (2 votes)

Song title – “Wat een geluk”
Rendition – Rudi Carrell
Lyrics – Willy van Hemert
Composition – Dick Schallies
Studio arrangement – Harry Frékin
(studio orchestra conducted by Harry Frékin)
Live orchestration – Pi Scheffer
Conductor – Dolf van der Linden

13th place (1 vote)

Song title – "So laang we's du do bast"
Rendition – Camillo Felgen
Lyrics – Henri Mootz
Composition – Henri Mootz / Jean Roderes
Studio arrangement – none
Live orchestration – Jean Roderes
Conductor – Eric Robinson (MD)

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