Saturday 5 May 1990


Born: August 24th, 1924, Bolton, England (United Kingdom)
Died: October 4th, 1990, London, England (United Kingdom)
Nationality: British

In due course, the short impression below will be replaced with a more extensive career overview


As a boy, Alyn Ainsworth proved his talent as a singer; when his voice broke, he learnt to play the guitar and played in dance bands. He was an instrumentalist as well as an arranger for the orchestras of Oscar Rabin and Geraldo, before becoming the staff arranger for the BBC Northern Variety Orchestra. Later, Ainsworth became the ensemble’s conductor. In 1960, Ainsworth left the BBC and was signed up by Granada TV as the presenter of Spot The Tune. As a freelance musician, Ainsworth frequently conducted TV shows for the BBC and ITV. Moreover, he worked as a studio arranger, orchestrating songs for Vince Hill and Kathy Kirby; he wrote the arrangement to Shirley Bassey’s hit record ‘Big Spender’ in 1967. Ainsworth released several instrumental recordings, amongst which ‘The Entertainer’ in 1976.


Alyn Ainsworth was the musical director of A Song For Europe, the UK Eurovision heats, in 1975, 1976, 1978, and 1979 and – with the exception of the last-mentioned year – accompanied the winners of these competitions to the Eurovision Song Contest: ‘Let Me Be The One’ by The Shadows (1975), Eurovision winner ‘Save Your Kisses For Me’ by Brotherhood of Man (1976), and ‘The Bad Old Days’ by CoCo (1978). In 1979, Ken Jones replaced Ainsworth for the international final. In 1977, when the contest was held in London and both the preselection and the contest itself were supervised by BBC’s own musical director, Ronnie Hazlehurst, Alyn Ainsworth helped out the Belgian delegation by conducting ‘A Million In 1, 2, 3’ for Dream Express, which came seventh. In 1990, only a couple of months before he passed away, Ainsworth returned to the contest, conducting the UK entry ‘Give A Little Love Back To The World’, composed by Paul Curtis and sung by Emma.


Country – United Kingdom
Song title – "Let Me Be The One"
Rendition – The Shadows (= Brian Bennett / John Farrar / Hank B. Marvin / Bruce Welch)
Lyrics – Paul Curtis
Composition – Paul Curtis
Studio arrangement – John Fiddy / The Shadows
Live orchestration – John Fiddy
Conductor – Alyn Ainsworth
Score – 2nd place (138 votes)

Country – United Kingdom
Song title – "Save Your Kisses For Me"
Rendition – Brotherhood Of Man (= Martin Lee / Lee Sheriden / Nicky Stevens / Sandra Stevens)
Lyrics – Tony Hiller / Martin Lee / Lee Sheriden
Composition – Tony Hiller / Martin Lee / Lee Sheriden
Studio arrangement – Colin Frechter / Lee Sheriden
Live orchestration – Colin Frechter
Conductor – Alyn Ainsworth
Score – 1st place (164 votes)

Country – Belgium
Song title – "A Million In One, Two, Three"
Rendition – Dream Express (= Bianca Maessen / Patricia Maessen / Stella Maessen / Luc Smets)
Lyrics – Luc Smets
Composition – Luc Smets
Studio arrangement – Luc Smets
Live orchestration – Luc Smets
Conductor – Alyn Ainsworth
Score – 7th place (69 votes)

Country – United Kingdom
Song title – "The Bad Old Days"
Rendition – Co Co (= Josie Andrews / Cheryl Baker / Terry Bradford / Charlie Brennan / Keith Haslar / Paul Rogers)
Lyrics – Stuart Slater / Stephanie De Sykes
Composition – Stuart Slater / Stephanie De Sykes
Studio arrangement – Terry Bradford / Colin Frechter
Live orchestration – Colin Frechter
Conductor – Alyn Ainsworth
Score – 11th place (61 votes)

Country - United Kingdom
Song title - "Give A Little Love Back To The World"
Rendition - Emma Booth
Lyrics - Paul Curtis
Composition - Paul Curtis
Record arrangement - Paul Curtis / Stewart Mackintosh
Live orchestration - Stewart Mackintosh
Conductor - Alyn Ainsworth
Score - 6th place (87 votes)

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