Saturday 3 May 1997


Born: December 16th, 1966, Nicosia (Cyprus)
Nationality: Cypriot

In due course, the short impression below will be replaced with a more extensive career overview


Stavros Lantsias studied classical piano and music theory at the Greek Conservatory in Nicosia, before he went to the Berklee School of Music in 1986. In Boston, he graduated with a bachelor degree in commercial arranging in 1990, meanwhile winning the Count Basie Jazz Masters Award for pianists (1989) and the Quincy Jones Jazz Masters Award for arrangers (1990). In 1992, he moved to Athens, where he has worked as a pianist, composer and arranger for pop singers (e.g. George Dalaras, Alcinoos Ioannidis), television programmes, and stage shows since; in 1995, he was the musical director of a Greek version of West Side Story. While releasing albums himself with his interpretations of jazz and pop compositions, he also is a member of the jazz trio Human Touch.


Stavros Lantsias conducted back-to-back Cypriot Eurovision entries: ‘Mono gia mas’ for Constantinos in 1996 and ‘Mana mou’ for Chara & Andreas Constantinou in 1997. Both of these efforts finished amongst the first then, the latter one equalling Cyprus’ best result, a fifth place.


Country – Cyprus
Song title – “Mono gia mas”
Rendition – Constantinos Christophorou
Lyrics – Radoulla Palambrianou
Composition – Andreas Georgiallis
Studio arrangement – Andreas Georgiallis
Live orchestration – Stavros Lantsias
Conductor – Stavros Lantsias
Score audio semi-final – 15th place (42 votes)
Score – 9th place (72 votes)

Country – Cyprus
Song title – “Mana mou”
Rendition – Chara & Andreas Constantinou
Lyrics – Constantina Constantinou
Composition – Constantina Constantinou
Studio arrangement – Takis Magaphas
Live orchestration – Stavros Lantsias
Conductor – Stavros Lantsias
Score – 5th place (98 votes)


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