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Date - February 27, 1962
Official name - Nationaal Songfestival 1962
Organising broadcaster - NTS
Venue - Theater Concordia, Bussum
Hosts - Elizabeth Mooy / Hannie Lips
Director - Thijs Chanowski
Stage designer - Peter Zwart
Producer - Gerard Michon
Musical director - Dolf van der Linden
Orchestra - Metropole Orchestra (Metropole Orkest)
Concertmaster - Guus Valten
Medley arrangement - Bert Paige
Interval act - Metropole Orchestra playing two instrumental tunes, 'Taboo' (Ernesto Lecuona / arr. Joop Elders) & 'Love For Sale' (Cole Porter / arr. Bert Paige)
Number of entries - 7
Winning entry - 'Katinka' De Spelbrekers
Winning songwriters - Joop Stokkermans / Henny Hamhuis / Lodewijk Post (Gerrit den Braber)
Winning orchestrator - Bert Paige

Note 1 - Originally, the eventual winning entry 'Katinka' was due to be performed by the Padre Twins (the brothers Hein & Wim Vader), but the duo pulled out at a late stage, upon which they were replaced by De Spelbrekers

Note 2 - 'Katinka' was composed by Joop Stokkermans with lyrics by Henny Hamhuis, but, officially, the name of Lodewijk Post (pseudonym of Gerrit den Braber) was added. Hamhuis and Den Braber had added lyrics to several Stokkermans' compositions submitted to the selection committee - and the troika had agreed beforehand to evenly share the performing rights of whichever song, regardless of who had written the lyrics to it

Note 3 - Oddly, the record release of Rita Corita's 'Carnaval' gives Johnny Holshuysen as its composer, while the sheet music in the Netherlands' broadcasting service library gives the song as having been written by Walter Kalischnig

Note 4 - Due to a discussion about remuneration, given that the programme was due to be broadcast on television as well as on radio, the members of the Metropole Orchestra had threatened to refuse to work on this edition of the National Song Contest; in the eventuality of the orchestra really pulling out, producer Gerard Michon would have had a replacement orchestra available, AVRO's radio orchestra De Zaaiers led by Gerard van Krevelen

The Metropole Orchestra accompanying De Spelbrekers for their winning performance of 'Katinka' in Bussum


Song 1
Title – "Carnaval"
Rendition – Rita Corita (Hendrika Sturm)
Lyrics – Karel Prior
Composition – Johnny Holshuysen / Walter Kalischnig
Studio arrangement – Bert Paige
Live orchestration – Bert Paige
Score – 4th place (120 votes)

Song 2
Title – "Katinka"
Rendition – De Spelbrekers
Lyrics – Henny Hamhuis / Lodewijk Post (Gerrit den Braber)
Composition – Joop Stokkermans
Studio arrangement – Bert Paige
Live orchestration – Bert Paige
Score – 1st place (169 votes)

Song 3
Title – "Het is voorbij"
Rendition – Joke van den Burg
Lyrics – Melle Weersma
Composition – Melle Weersma
Studio arrangement – none
Live orchestration – Bert Paige
Score – 5th place (98 votes)

Song 4
Title – "Heb je nog die mooie oude grachten"
Rendition – Ella Raya (Elly Verhagen)
Lyrics – Emile Lopez
Composition – Anton Dijkman
Studio arrangement – none 
Live orchestration – Joop Elders
Score – 7th place (21 votes)

Song 5
Title – "Niets"
Rendition – Gert Timmerman
Lyrics – Pieter Goemans
Composition – Ted Powder 
Studio arrangement – none
Live orchestration – Bert Paige
Score – 2nd place (141 votes)

Song 6
Title – "Zachtjes"
Rendition – Conny van den Bos
Lyrics – Willy van Hemert
Composition – Guus Jansen, Snr.
Studio arrangement – none
Live orchestration – Joop Elders
Score – 3rd place (138 votes)

Song 7
Title – "Wees zuinig op de wereld"
Rendition – Pat Berry (Piet van den Berg)
Lyrics – Han Dunk
Composition – Eddy de Jong
Studio arrangement – none
Live orchestration – Bert Paige
Score – 6th place (33 votes)

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