Wednesday 6 January 1971


Date - February 15, 1961 (song reveal in NCRV programme 'Pas geperst')
Venue - NCRV Studios, Hilversum
Host - Pi Scheffer
Orchestra - Combo of 7 musicians from the Metropole Orchestra: Dick Schallies (piano) / Tony van Hulst (guitar) / Harry Meyer (bass) / Bill van den Heuvel (drums) / Cees Verschoor (sax) / Jan Vleeschouwer (trumpet) / Chris Waldhober (trombone)

Note - No national final was organised in 1961; instead, Greetje Kauffeld was chosen to represent the Netherlands, with six songs being in the running to be performed by her at the contest in Cannes. A six-man expert jury consisting of Dolf van der Linden, Pi Scheffer, Gijs Stappershoef, Piet te Nuyl Jnr., Simon Carmiggelt, and Will Hartingsveldt chose a melody composed by Dick Schallies. Eventually, after various suggested song lyrics written by Willy van Hemert, Stan Haag, and Seth Gaaikema had been turned down, the jury gave the green light for a version penned by Schallies' good friend Pieter Goemans, 'Wat een dag'

On February 15th, 1961, Greetje Kauffeld performed her Eurovision song 'Wat een dag' twice in NCRV TV programme 'Pas geperst'. Of the accompanying septet of musicians from the Metropole Orchestra, five are in this photo - Harry Meyer (bass), Tony van Hulst (guitar), Cees Verschoor (sax), Jan Vleeschouwer (trumpet), and Chris Waldhober (trombone) 

Title – "Wat een dag"
Rendition – Greetje Kauffeld
Lyrics – Pieter Goemans
Composition – Dick Schallies
Studio arrangement – none
Live orchestration (combo version) – unknown

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