Saturday 15 May 1993


Born: February 10th, 1950, Ljubljana, Slovenia (Yugoslavia)
Nationality: Croatian

In due course, the short impression below will be replaced with a more extensive career overview


Andrej Baša is a songwriter, arranger and record producer who grew up in Rijeka. He studied composition and conducting in Ljubljana and Osijek. From the early 1970s onwards, he became involved in composing songs, of which he has written more than 750. Compositions of his were performed by Tereza Kesovija, Laterna, and Radojka Šverko at the Split Festivals. Baša also participated as a songwriter or arranger in other Croatian music contests, including the Zagrebfest, the Croatian Adria Melodies Festival, the Zadar Festival, and the Opuzen Festival. In 1978, he opened a recording studio. In 2000, he produced the Croatian Children’s and Youth Festival’, held in New York.


With Đorđe Novković, Baša wrote music and lyrics to ‘Don’t ever cry’ for the group Put. This song was the first ever that represented Croatia as an independent entity in the Eurovision Song Contest. In the lyrics, Croatia and its inhabitants are urged to persevere in the ongoing war in former Yugoslavia: ‘Don’t every cry, my Croatian sky’. In the pre-selection that was organized for seven Eastern European countries in Ljubljana, the song just made it into the first three who qualified for the international final in Millstreet, Ireland. Andrej Baša wrote the arrangement and conducted the orchestra in Ljubljana and in Millstreet. In spite of its role as a favourite with the bookmakers, ‘Don’t every cry’ only finished fifteenth.


Country – Croatia
Song title – "Don’t Ever Cry"
Rendition – Put (= Naim Ajra / Pater Čučak / Olja Dešić / Vivien Galletta / Anđela Jeličić / Melita Sedić)
Croatian lyrics  Andrej Baša / Đorđe Novković 
English lyrics – R. Garlick / Sergio Popovski
Composition – Andrej Baša / Đorđe Novković
Studio arrangement – Andrej Baša
Live orchestration – Andrej Baša
Conductor – Andrej Baša
Score semi-final – 3rd place (51 votes) & qualified
Score final – 15th place (31 votes)

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