Saturday 9 May 1998


Born: January 2nd, 1956, Bucharest (Romania)
Nationality: Romanian

In due course, the short impression below will be replaced with a more extensive career overview


Adrian Romcescu spent 10 years studying at the George Enescu Music High School and the Ciprian Porumbescu Academy of Music. Initially working as a classical musician, he was drawn to jazz and pop, simultaneously starting a career as a composer and as a singer. He wrote the song ‘Aproape de cer’, with which Ionel Tudor won the Mamaia Festival. Romcescu himself had hits with songs such as ‘Chemarea dragostei’ and ‘La noapte cred ca te voi rapi’ and toured in several Eastern European countries as well as in Cuba. After the fall of the Iron Curtain, Romcescu moved to Denmark, continuing his work as a composer for many Romanian artists. His brother Mircea Romcescu participated in the 2002 Eurovision Song Contest for Denmark as a composer (using the pseudonym Michael Ronson).


With lyricist Liliana Ştefan, Adrian Romcescu penned the 1998 Romanian entry to the Eurovision Song Contest, ‘Eu cred’. This gentle ballad was performed by a young singer from Bucharest, Mălina Olinescu. Romcescu himself wrote the arrangement and conducted the Eurovision orchestra.


Country – Romania
Song title – "Eu cred"
Rendition – Mălina Olinescu
Lyrics – Liliana Ştefan
Composition – Adrian Romcescu
Studio arrangement – Adrian Romcescu
Live orchestration – Adrian Romcescu
Conductor – Adrian Romcescu
Score – 22nd place (6 votes)

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