Saturday 23 April 1983


Born: 1958, Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Spain)
Nationality: Spanish

In due course, the short impression below will be replaced with a more extensive career overview


José Miguel Évora (pseudonym of José Miguel Múñoz Alcón) studied classical piano at several conservatories, but in the end he stuck with the guitar belonging to the music of his family: flamenco. He composed songs and produced albums for many flamenco artists, including Camáron, Enrique Morente, Azúcar Moreno, and Falete. He also launched the career of Esperanza Fernández by producing her debut CD ‘A oscuras’ in 1994. Évora worked with various classical orchestras and composed ‘La panadería’ for the 1996 Biennale in Seville, which was performed by the Seville Royal Symphony Orchestra conducted by Miguel Roa.


With his older brother Isidro Múñoz, who penned the lyrics, José Miguel Évora wrote the song ‘¿Quién maneja mi barca?’ for young flamenco singer Remedios Amaya. It was the Spanish entry for the 1983 Eurovision Song Contest held in Munich. Évora also conducted the orchestra, although the orchestration had been written by Manuel Aguilar and Javier de Juan. Europe’s juries clearly were not ready for Spanish traditional music and the verdict was quite harsh: not a single point and a shared last place with Turkey.


Country – Spain
Song title – "¿Quién maneja mi barca?"
Rendition – Remedios Amaya 
Lyrics – Isidro Múñoz
Composition – José Miguel Évora 
Studio arrangement – Manuel Aguilar / Javier de Juan
Live orchestration – Manuel Aguilar / Javier de Juan
Conductor – José Miguel Évora
Score – 19th place (0 votes)  

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