Saturday 30 April 1988


Born: June 30th, 1949, Alcoy (Spain)
Nationality: Spanish

In due course, the short impression below will be replaced with a more extensive career overview


From 1968 onwards, when he co-founded the pop group Los Botines, percussionist Javier de Juan has lived in Madrid. In the 1970s and 1980s, he was a sought-after session musician in the recording studio, working with the likes of Mocedades, Julio Iglesias, Mecano, Luna, and Azucar Moreno. He was the drummer in the orchestra which accompanied the participating artists in the Benidorm Festival on several occasions. 

For a couple of years, he was a member of pop group Cadillac, before he founded La Década Prodigiosa; De Juan was the group’s drummer, but also composed, arranged, and produced music for it. Nowadays, he still is the producer of the band, which has a completely different line-up than in the 1980s. Apart from this involvement, he has also continued working as a session musician.


When La Década Prodigiosa (renamed La Década for the occasion) took part in the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest with ‘La chica qué yo quiero (Made in Spain)’, Javier de Juan was one of the two members of the eight-man-group who was not on stage – due to the rule that there is a maximum of six persons in a Eurovision act. Instead, he stood in front of the Irish orchestra, conducting Jorge Alvárez’ arrangement. Spain finished twelfth in 1988.

Five years previously, Javier de Juan also had an involvement in the contest as the co-arranger of Spain's entry "¿Quién maneja mi barca?", composed and conducted by José Miguel Évora.


Country – Spain
Song title – "¿Quién maneja mi barca?"
Rendition – Remedios Amaya 
Lyrics – Isidro Múñoz
Composition – José Miguel Évora 
Studio arrangement – Manuel Aguilar / Javier de Juan
Live orchestration – Manuel Aguilar / Javier de Juan
Conductor – José Miguel Évora
Score – 19th place (0 votes)  

Country – Spain
Song title – "La chica qué yo quiero (Made in Spain)"
Rendition – La Década (Manolo Aguilar / Cecilia Blanco / Ana Nery Fragoso / Carmelo Martínez / Manuel Santisteban / José Subiza)
Lyrics – Francisco Dondiego
Composition – Enrique Peiró
Studio arrangement – Jorge Alvárez
Live orchestration – Jorge Alvárez
Conductor – Javier de Juan
Score – 11th place (58 votes)

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