Wednesday 8 December 1971


Born: April 23rd, 1926, Cayman Islands
Nationality: Swiss

In due course, the short impression below will be replaced with a more extensive career overview


Hardy Schneiders was born from German-Swiss parents who lived in the Caribbean and grew up in Switzerland from his third year onwards. He studied at conservatories in Neuchâtel and Genève, with trombone as his main subject. After a short spell as an instrumentalist in the DRS Basel broadcasting orchestra, he went to Munich to study conducting with Eugen Jochum. Subsequently, Schneiders worked as a conductor for opera orchestras. After a short spell in the United States, he returned to Europe and worked as an arranger in the recording studio for Karel Gott, Buzz Bennett, and some other artists. He made a world tour with Josephine Baker and was a member of the teaching staff of the Basel Music Academy for two years. In 1979, 1981, and 1982, he conducted the West German entries to the Nordring Festival. As a composer, he mainly wrote for wind band.


In 1971, Hardy Schneiders conducted the Swiss Eurovision entry in the contest in Dublin, ‘Les illusions de nos vingt ans’, sung by Peter, Sue & Marc. In 1989, Schneiders helped Georges Walther with the orchestration to ‘Viver senza tei’, that year’s Swiss entry, which was performed by Furbaz; conductor on the night was the musical director of the contest held in Lausanne that year, Benoît Kaufman.


Country – Switzerland
Song title – “Les illusions de nos vingt ans”
Rendition – Peter, Sue & Marc 
(Peter Reber / Susan Schell / Marc Dietrich)
Lyrics – Maurice Tézé
Composition – Peter Reber
Studio arrangement – Hardy Schneiders
Live orchestration – Hardy Schneiders
Conductor – Hardy Schneiders
Score – 12th place (78 votes)

Country – Switzerland
Song title – “Viver senza tei”
Rendition – Furbaz (Gioni Defuns / Ursin Defuns / Giusep Quinter / Marie Louise Werth)
Lyrics – Marie Louise Werth
Composition – Marie Louise Werth
Studio arrangement – Georges Walther / Hardy Schneiders
Live orchestration – Hardy Schneiders
Conductor – Benoît Kaufman (MD)
Score – 13th place (47 votes)

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