Saturday, 9 May 1987


Born: 1954, Budapest (Hungary)
Nationality: Hungarian

In due course, the short impression below will be replaced with a more extensive career overview


With László ‘Leslie’ Mandoki, pianist and bass player László Bencker fled Hungary in the 1970s, after having been active in Budapest’s students’ opposition against the communist regime. With Mandoki, who became a pop star in West Germany, he founded the Park Studios in Munich. Bencker has worked as a record producer and arranger since he came to Germany, working with artists such as Howard Carpendale, Placido Domingo, Engelbert Humperdinck, No Angels, Jennifer Rush, and – of course – Leslie Mandoki. He released several library music records under his own name, including ‘Lady Robot’.


László Bencker arranged and conducted the 1987 West German entry in the Eurovision Song Contest held in Brussels, ‘Lass die Sonne in dein Herz’ by Wind. The song was composed by Ralph Siegel with lyrics by Bernd Meinunger. This effort finished second behind Ireland’s Johnny Logan and was a chart success in several European countries.

In 1988, Bencker also had a hand in the studio version of the German entry, 'Lied für einen Freund', another Siegel creation, for which he recorded the keyboard tracks in collaboration with Hermann Weindorf.


1987 Brussels
Country – West Germany
Song title – "Lass die Sonne in dein Herz"
Rendition – Wind  (= Alexander Heiler / Sami Kalifa / Christiane von Kutzschenbach / Andreas Lebbing / Robert Pilatus / Petra Scheeser)
Lyrics – Bernd Meinunger
Composition – Ralph Siegel
Studio arrangement – Ralph Siegel / Werner Schüler / 
László Bencker
Live orchestration – László Bencker
Conductor – László Bencker
Score – 2nd place (141 votes)

1988 Dublin
Country – West Germany
Song title – “Lied für einen Freund”
Rendition – Maxi & Chris Garden
Lyrics – Bernd Meinunger
Composition – Ralph Siegel
Studio arrangement – Rainer Pietsch / Hermann Weindorf / László Bencker
Live orchestration – Michael Thatcher
Conductor – Michael Thatcher
Score – 14th place (48 votes)

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