Monday, 3 October 2016


Who can help me find Spanish pianist and arranger José Luis Navarro - in full José Luis Navarro Saenz de Jubera - who conducted Spain's 1979 Eurovision entry 'Sú canción' by Betty Missiego? I would like to interview him about his career in music.

Please contact me by leaving a comment below, through the contact form of, or by sending a message to this page.

Many thanks in advance,
Bas Tukker / author, Breda-Netherlands.

Below, some more biographical information about Mr. Navarro:

Together with Rafael Ferro, José Luis Navarro wrote most orchestrations for the 1970s records released by Julio Iglesias; ‘Dulce Carolina’, ‘Vivencias’, and ‘Asi nacemos’ are among the songs with an arrangement written by Navarro. Iglesias’ song ‘Con una pinta así’ was co-composed by him. Navarro also worked in the studio with artists such as Danny Daniel and Juan Reyes. He worked with German singer / producer Christian Anders on the arrangement of ‘Running away’.

José Luis Navarro represented Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest of 1979, when the country entered Betty Missiego and her ‘Su canción’ (composed by Fernando Moreno) into the competition. Rafael Ferro wrote the record arrangement, while Navarro added the orchestration for the live version in the contest; subsequently, José Luis Navarro also conducted the orchestra accompanying Missiego and her choir of children in Jerusalem. The Spanish song finished second behind Israel’s ‘Hallelujah’.