Saturday 9 May 1998


Born: May 9th, 1945, Čáry, Slovakia (Czechoslovakia)
Nationality: Slovak

In due course, the short impression below will be replaced with a more extensive career overview


At the Bratislava Conservatory, Vladimír 'Vlado' Valovič studied the trumpet and conducting (1961-67). In the early 1970s, he worked as the musical director of the Czech radio branches in Brno and Bratislava. In 1974, he founded the VV Systém Jazz Orchestra, with which he toured in Czechoslovakia and abroad; amongst the members of the orchestra was Juraj Burian. Between 1983 and 1994, Valovič conducted the Radio Bratislava Big Band and, from 1994 onwards, he has waved the baton for the Gustav Brom Orchestra. He arranged and conducted songs in many editions of the Bratislavská Lýra Festival.


Vladimir Valovič conducted three Slovak Eurovision entries, the first one being ‘Amnestia na neveru’, which was performed by Elán in the 1993 Eurovision pre-selection for the new EBU members from Eastern Europe; the Slovak rock ballad came just one point short of qualifying for the international final in Millstreet. 

One year later, the country made its official debut in the contest with Martin Ďurinda and his band Tublatanka and their composition, ‘Nekonečna pieseň’ – another rock anthem. In 1998, on his birthday, Valovič led the Eurovision orchestra in Birmingham for ‘Modlitba’, a stylish yet much underrated ballad performed by Katarina Hasprová.


Country – Slovakia
Song title – “Amnestia na neveru”
Rendition – Elán (Jano Baláž / Peter Farnbauer / Lúbo Horňák / Juraj Kuchárek / Jožo Ráž)
Lyrics – Boris Filan
Composition – Jano Baláž / Jožo Ráž
Studio arrangement – Peter Farnbauer / Vladimír Valovič
Live orchestration – Vladimír Valovič
Conductor semi-final – Vladimír Valovič
Score semi-final – 4th place (50 votes) & DNQ

Country – Slovakia
Song title – “Nekonečná pieseň”
Rendition – Martin Ďurinda & Tublatanka (Juraj Černý / Jozef Dubán / Kvetoslava Kmotorková / Juraj Topor / Ingrid Vranovicová)
Lyrics – Martin Sarvaš
Composition – Martin Ďurinda
Studio arrangement – Palo Kvassay / Martin Ďurinda / Tublatanka
(studio orchestra conducted by Vladimír Valovič)
Live orchestration – Palo Kvassay
Conductor – Vladimír Valovič
Score – 19th place (15 votes)

Country – Slovakia
Song title – “Modlitba”
Rendition – Katarína Hasprová
Lyrics – Anna Wepperyova
Composition – Gabriel Dušik
Studio arrangement – Peter Farnbauer / Igor Vavrda
(studio orchestra conducted by Vladimír Valovič)
Live orchestration – Igor Vavrda
Conductor – Vladimír Valovič
Score – 21st place (8 votes)

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