Saturday 13 May 1995

MIKHAIL FINBERG (Міхаіл Фінберг)

Born: February 22nd, 1947, Mazyr, Belarus (Soviet Union)
Died: December 11th, 2021, Minsk (Belarus)
Nationality: Belarusian 

In due course, the short impression below will be replaced with a more extensive career overview


Mikhail Yakovlevich Finberg (Михаил Якаўлевіч Фінберг) was an ubiquitous figure in the Belarusian music scene, being the conductor and art director of the State Symphony and Popular Music Orchestra. With his orchestra and big band, he performed at the Minsk Jazz Festival, the Festival of Chamber Music and Brass Band, and the Slavonic Bazaar Festival in Vitebsk. Adorned with the epithet People’s Artist, he also worked as a professor at the State Academy of Music in Minsk. Finberg was a member of the Council of the Republic.


Being an experienced conductor, Mikhail Finberg was invited to lead the orchestra for the Russian entry in the 1995 Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin, ‘Kolybelnaya dlya vulkana’, performed by Philip Kirkorov; this song finished seventeenth. Later, Finberg was a regular member of the jury which selected the Belarusian entry for the contest.


Country – Russia
Song title – "Kolybelnaya dlya vulkana"
Rendition – Philip Kirkorov
Lyrics – Ilija Bersjadski
Composition – Ilija Reznik
Studio arrangement – Valeri Demianov / Igor Laletin
Live orchestration – Valeri Demianov / Igor Laletin
Conductor – Mikhail Finberg
Score – 17th place (17 votes)

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