Saturday 4 May 1991


Born: 1952, Istanbul (Turkey)
Nationality: Turkish

In due course, the short impression below will be replaced with a more extensive career overview

At 4 years old, Turhan Yükseler started studying at the Istanbul Municipality Conservatoire. From 1970 onwards, he has been a professional musician, playing the piano in a string of bands as well as working as an arranger for many different artists. He has more than 700 compositions and arrangements to his credit and worked on almost 100 different albums. In the 2000s, he released solo albums, including ‘Eurasia’. He leads his Turhan Yükseler Band, which plays all genres, ranging from ABBA, Earth Wind & Fire, and The Beatles to Turkish classics.


Turhan Yükseler conducted for Turkey in the Eurovision Song Contest on two occasions. In 1988, he led the orchestra for M.F.Ö. during their performance of ‘Sufi (Hey ya hey)’, which finished 15th; the arrangement was written by Jurre Haanstra from the Netherlands. 

Three years later, in 1991, Turkey was represented by the trio Izel Çeliköz, Reyhan Karaca, and Can Uğurluer with a twist called ‘Iki dakika’. Yükseler arranged the song in collaboration with composer Şevket Uğurluer and conducted the Italian orchestra. This Turkish entry finished in 12th place.


Country – Turkey
Song title – “Sufi (Hey ya hey)”
Rendition – M.F.Ö. (Mazhar Alanson / Fuat Guner / Özkan Uğur)
Lyrics – Mazhar Alanson
Composition – Mazhar Alanson / Fuat Güner / Özkan Uğur
Studio arrangement – Albert Boekholt / Jurre Haanstra
Live orchestration – Turhan Yükseler / Jurre Haanstra
Conductor – Turhan Yükseler
Score – 15th place (37 votes)

Country – Turkey
Song title – “İki Dakika”
Rendition – Izel Çeliköz / Reyhan Karaca / Can Uğurluer
Lyrics – Aysel Gürel
Composition – Sevket Uğurluer
Studio arrangement – Sevket Uğurluer / Turhan Yükseler
(studio orchestra conducted by Turhan Yükseler)
Live orchestration – Turhan Yükseler
Conductor – Turhan Yükseler
Score – 12th place (44 votes)

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