Wednesday 28 February 1973


Date - February 28, 1973
Official name - Nationaal Songfestival 1973
Organising broadcaster - AVRO
Venue - Theater Carré, Amsterdam
Hosts - Simon van Collem / Viola van Emmenes
Director - Nico Hiltrop
Stage designer - unknown
Producer - Fred Oster
Musical director - Harry van Hoof
Orchestra - Songfestivalorkest (freelance orchestra with rhythm and brass players, no string section / pre-recorded)
Opening sequence & outro tune - Harry van Hoof
Incidental music arrangements - Harry van Hoof / Carl Schulze
Number of entries - 4, all performed by Ben Cramer
Winning entry - 'De oude muzikant'
Winning songwriter - Pierre Kartner
Winning orchestrator - Harry van Hoof

Note 1 - For the first time in the Netherlands' Eurovision selection, the orchestra was not present live on stage; all music was pre-recorded by Harry van Hoof and his Songfestivalorkest

Note 2 - Song no. 2 in the competition, 'Melodie', was given as having been written by Ben Cramer - as well as on the single release. On the record version, however, the songwriters given for this song were Pierre Kartner (Cramer's producer) and Hans Blum. In reality - and this is information confirmed by those involved -, the song was originally written by Blum on his own, with Dutch lyrics being added later on by Ben Cramer. As a West German citizen - and not being a member of the Netherlands' Association of Composers, Authors, and Music Publishers -, Hans Blum was not eligible to take part in the Netherlands' Eurovision selection

Harry van Hoof (far right) with (from left to right) record producer and songwriter Pierre Kartner, singer Ben Cramer, and Rob Aardse, artistic director of Cramer's record company


Song 1
Title – "Kom met me mee"
Lyrics – Tiny van Mechelen
Composition – Jacob Philip "Clous" van Mechelen
Studio arrangement – Herman Schoonderwalt
Live orchestration – unknown
Score – 3rd place (15 votes)

Song 2
Title – "Melodie (Een melodie)"
Lyrics – Ben Cramer
Composition – Hans Blum
Studio arrangement – Harry van Hoof
Live orchestration – Harry van Hoof
Score – 4th place (14 votes)

Song 3
Title – "Kom Sylvia dans met mij"
Lyrics – Frans Peters
Composition – Jacques Zwart
Studio arrangement – Kees Bruyn
Live orchestration – unknown
Score – 2nd place (19 votes)

Song 4
Title – "De oude muzikant"
Lyrics – Pierre Kartner
Composition – Pierre Kartner
Studio arrangement – Harry van Hoof
Live orchestration – Harry van Hoof
Score – 1st place (62 votes)

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