Monday 27 September 1971


Born: January 30th, 1936, Berlin (Germany)
Died: June 29th, 1998, Radolfzell (Germany)
Nationality: German

In due course, the short impression below will be replaced with a more extensive career overview


Horst Jankowski studied the piano, double-bass, and trumpet at the Berlin Music Conservatory (1949-53). In the 1950s, he worked as Caterina Valente’s band leader during her tours in West Germany; moreover, he played the piano in various variety and jazz orchestras, among which those of Kurt Hohenberger, Erwin Lehn, and Benny Goodman. In 1965, his instrumental composition ‘Ein Schwarzwaldfahrt’ was released in Great-Britain and the United States under an English title, ‘A Walk In The Black Forest’, which became a major hit in both countries; the album ‘The Genius Of Jankowski’ of that same year was a million seller as well. 

Jankowski worked as an arranger for various pop artists in the 1960s, but in the 1970s he started concentrating on his old love, jazz music, once again by recording jazzy versions of famous pop and rock songs. Jankowski also made a name for himself as a composer of music for television and movies (including Oh Jonathan, Oh Jonathan! in 1973 and Lady Dracula in 1978).


Horst Jankowski composed the West German entry of the 1968 Eurovision Song Contest, ‘Ein Hoch der Liebe’ with the help of lyricist Carl J. Schäuble. In the Royal Albert Hall in London, the song was interpreted by Wenche Myhre; Jankowski conducted the orchestration written for him by Bernd Rabe. ‘Ein Hoch der Liebe’ landed a sixth place on the scoreboard.


Country – West Germany
Song title – "Ein Hoch der Liebe"
Rendition – Wenche Myhre
Lyrics – Carl J. Schäuble
Composition – Horst Jankowski
Studio arrangement – Bernd Rabe
(studio orchestra conducted by Horst Jankowski)
Live orchestration – Bernd Rabe
Conductor – Horst Jankowski
Score – 6th place (11 votes)

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