Saturday 13 May 1995


Born: September 6th, 1951, Istanbul (Turkey)
Died: April 7th, 2005, Istanbul (Turkey)
Nationality: Turkish

In due course, the short impression below will be replaced with a more extensive career overview

Melih Kibar was a musical prodigy and enrolled in the Istanbul Municipal Conservatory. In 1970, he won first prize as a composer at a high school contest. He studied chemical engineering at the Bosphorus University in Istanbul and University College of Wales in Aberystwyth. Kibar devoted the rest of his life to music, however, composing nearly 300 songs, as well as nine musicals and over thirty film soundtracks. In 1976, he was awarded the Golden Orange for best soundtrack of the year for his work on the film Hababam sınıfı. In 1984, a song by Kibar represented Turkey at the Sopot Festival in Poland.


Melih Kibar composed and conducted two Turkish Eurovision entries: ‘Halley’, sung by Klips & Onlar in 1986 (for the orchestration of which he worked with Peter Schön from the Netherlands) and ‘Sev!’, performed by Arzu Ece in 1995. These songs finished ninth and sixteenth respectively. The 1986 placing was the best Turkish result in the contest until 1997.


Country – Turkey
Song title – "Halley"
Rendition – Klips & Onlar (Gür Akad / Sevingül Bahadir / Derya Bozkurt / Candal Erçetin / Emre Tukur)
Lyrics – Ilhan Irem
Composition – Melih Kibar
Studio arrangement – Melih Kibar / Peter Schön
Live orchestration – Melih Kibar / Peter Schön
Conductor – Melih Kibar
Score – 9th place (53 votes)

Country – Turkey
Song title – "Sev!"
Rendition – Arzu Ece
Lyrics – Zeynep Talu
Composition – Melih Kibar
Studio arrangement – Melih Kibar
Live orchestration – Melih Kibar
Conductor – Melih Kibar
Score – 16th place (21 votes)


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