Thursday 16 September 1971


Born: September 15th, 1932, Grasse (France)
Died: August 14th, 2007, Nice (France)
Nationality: French

In due course, the short impression below will be replaced with a more extensive career overview


André Borly was sometimes credited under another pseudonym, Clyde Borly, but his real name was André Borgioli. He was the pianist in Paul Mauriat’s orchestra. In the 1960s, he composed and arranged music for many popular francophone artists, including Nino Ferrer, David Alexandre Winter, Michel Sardou (‘Les Ricains’), and Charles Aznavour (‘Ma mie’). Borly also released an instrumental LP, ‘Clyde Borly et ses percussions – Musique en 5 dimensions’ with producer Leo Clarens. In the 1970s, Borly formed a big band, with which he performed in the Ruhl Casino in Nice.


André Borly took part in the Eurovision Song Contest twice, amongst which once as a conductor. In 1968, he was not involved in either composing or arranging the Luxembourg entry ‘Nous vivrons d’amour’ (performed by Chris Baldo and Sophie Garel), but he was asked to conduct the orchestra in the Eurovision final in London. 

In 1969, he worked together with Paul Mauriat to compose ‘Cathérine’, with which Romuald represented Luxembourg in the Eurovision Song Contest in Madrid; Borly also wrote the arrangement, but did not go to Spain to conduct the orchestra, leaving that job to be done by Spanish musical director Augusto Algueró. Neither ‘Nous vivrons d’amour’ nor ‘Cathérine’ scored enough points to obtain a place amongst the first ten songs on the scoreboard.


Country – Luxembourg
Song title – "Nous vivrons d’amour"
Rendition – Chris Baldo & Sophie Garel 
Lyrics – Jacques Demarny
Composition – Carlos Leresche
Studio arrangement – André Borly / Carlos Leresche
(studio orchestra conducted by Carlos Leresche)
Live orchestration – André Borly
Conductor – André Borly 
Score – 11th place (5 votes)

Country – Luxembourg
Song title – Cathérine
Rendition – Romuald Figuier
Lyrics – André Pascal
Composition – André Borly / Paul Mauriat
Studio arrangement – André Borly
Live orchestration – André Borly
Conductor – Augusto Algueró (MD)
Score – 11th place (7 votes)

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