Thursday 10 June 1971


Born: August 8th, 1920, Ibbenbüren (Germany)
Died: January 14th, 2005, Hamburg (Germany)
Nationality: German

In due course, the short impression below will be replaced with a more extensive career overview


Alfred Hause played the violin in the Willy Steiner Orchestra between 1945 and 1948. In ’48, he was chosen as the new conductor of the Tanz- und Unterhaltungsorchester of radio broadcaster NWDR (Nordwestdeutsche Rundfunk, broadcasting from Hamburg). In course of the late 1940s and the 1950s, he became known as the ‘German king of tango’, responsible for the creation of a continental tango sound. With his orchestra, he performed in numerous radio and TV broadcasts and made a string of albums, which sold well both in Germany and abroad. In 1961, his composition ‘Bailando a dos’ became the winner of the first-ever Deutsche Schlager-Festspiele. Between 1965 and 1989, he did countless tours Japan with his orchestra. Alfred Hause was awarded with the Bundesverdienstkreuz in 1996.


In 1965, the West German Eurovision heats were held in Hamburg and Alfred Hause was the musical director of this show, which was won by Ulla Wiesner with ‘Paradies, wo bist du?’, composed by Hans Blum and Barbara Kist, with an arrangement by Paul Biste. Subsequently, Hause accompanied Ulla Wiesner to the Eurovision Song Contest final in Naples and conducted the orchestra for her; the West German entry finished joint-last without a single point.


Country – West Germany
Song title – “Für zwei Groschen Musik”
Rendition – Margot Hielscher
Lyrics – Walter Brandin / Fred Rauch
Composition – Friedrich Meyer
Studio arrangement – Friedrich Meyer
(studio orchestra conducted by Alfred Hause)
Live orchestration – Friedrich Meyer
Conductor – Dolf van der Linden (MD)
Score – 7th place (5 votes)

Country – West Germany
Song title – "Paradies, wo bist du?"
Rendition – Ulla Wiesner
Lyrics – Hans Blum / Barbara Kist
Composition – Hans Blum
Studio arrangement – Paul Biste
(studio orchestra conducted by Hans Blum)
Live orchestration – Paul Biste
Conductor – Alfred Hause
Score – 15th place (0 votes)

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