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A comprehensive English career overview of Peter Jacques has been published at

Peter Jacques conducted Switzerland's entries in the Eurovision Song Contests of 1975 and 1977.

Some random facts about Peter Jacques:
* Born in Czechoslovakia, 1935, as the son of a Belarusian violinist and a Swiss mother
* Repatriated to Switzerland after the war, studied classical piano at the Winterthur Conservatory, but took up a passion for jazz.
* After doing a stint with Chet Baker in Milan, Peter Jacques moved to Sweden, where he worked as a pianist and arranger for eight years (1956-1964).
* Worked and lived in Munich for nine years (1964-1973) as a freelance arranger, working for (amongst others) BBC and ZDF Television.
* Became one of the Kapellmeisters of the DRS Big Band, the orchestra of German-Swiss radio, where he stayed until the orchestra's demise (1973-1986).
* Hosted programme 'Jazz in Concert' on Swiss TV for ten years (1983-1993).
* Performed solo as a pianist-keyboardist-singer for Kofi Annan in Accra (1999).

Find out much more about Peter Jacques's life story and Eurovision memories at


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